Know how Cars get processed using chess principles

August 23, 2014 in New Cars by admin

Many people are fond of using new technology automobiles as each upgrade has certain additional benefits. Now, get ready to know about the latest process that has been incorporated in the automotive system. The cars being operated with chess principles is what the recent news deals with. The approach is suggested aiming at maximizing the test coverage with minimal work load for test engineers.

chessprinciple cars

Products before hitting the market pass through various scenarios where testing is considered as the major one among the process. Likewise, in automotive industry TestWeaver is the tool used to run and evaluate thousands of tests automatically. But, due to increased complexity in control software the testing and validation has become a very tedious process. In order to maximize test coverage with minimal workload for test engineers, chess principles have been used in the automotive transmission system.

The process is implemented in such a way that System Under Test (SUT) is made processed as playing chess in making the SUT to drive into a state that violates its specifications. The tester tracks the moves of those failed operation state and have a history of those moves and represents those as a failed test.

The method makes use of a component called instruments which implicitly carry the rules of the game. It processes the control actions which are legal in certain situations. To decide the best moves, chess computers just explore recursively all legal moves possible in the current state and test whether these lead to a goal state. By using this method bugs and design flaws are automatically detected. 

chessprinciple cars1

TestWeaver intelligently analyses the past simulation results to search for violations of specifications and to maximize the test coverage. The coverage goal of TestWeaver is to reach every reachable discrete state in achieving the correct space. Thus, the automation testing process is made simple with minimal workload by implementing this chess principle.