Land Rover SV

Land Rover SV Bespoke Offers 230 Paint Colors and Bejeweled Badging

For those seeking a luxurious off-roading experience, the Land Rover SV Bespoke offering is the perfect choice. Just launched in 2022, this brand-new model offers customers an array of unique customization options to make their vehicle stand out from the competition. Not only does the Land Rover SV Bespoke offer an impressive selection of 230 [...]

2023 VinFast VF8

Tested: 2023 VinFast VF8 Proves Building Cars Is Hard

The VinFast VF8 Pro is a car that seeks to prove that it is possible to succeed in the incredibly difficult business of building cars. Launched in 2023, it is the first in a series of cars that VinFast, a Vietnam-based carmaker, seeks to produce. The VF8 Pro has been designed with practicality and affordability [...]

Honda sports car

Honda Is Building Two New Sports Cars

The Honda Motor Company, a Japanese car manufacturer, is set to launch two new sports cars in the near future. These two cars, which share a common platform and have different styling, represent a new direction for Honda in terms of styling and performance. The first of these two cars is the Acura NSX, which [...]

Mercedes -F1 car

Mercedes Rules out early Introduction of F1 car Upgrades

The introduction of car upgrades in Formula One racing has long been a hotly debated topic, with some teams calling for a more frequent introduction of new parts to keep up with the ever-evolving competition. However, Mercedes have recently ruled out an early introduction of car upgrades, citing cost concerns and a lack of time [...]

Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT and Flying Spur Get Dressed Up

The Bentley Continental GT and Flying Spur are two of the most luxurious and iconic vehicles produced by the British automaker. Both are known for their impressive performance, exquisite craftsmanship, and eye-catching design. Both cars are now available in a range of special edition models that take the already high-end cars to the next level. [...]

Driverless car

The Do’s and Don’ts for Sharing the Roads with Driverless Cars

As driverless cars become increasingly commonplace on the roads, it is important for all drivers to understand the do’s and don’ts of sharing the roads with these autonomous vehicles. In the interest of safety, here are some key tips for drivers when approaching and interacting with driverless cars. Do: Don’t: By following these tips, drivers [...]

Hyundai Creta, Venue and i20

Hyundai updates safety features in Creta, Venue and i20

Hyundai, one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers, has recently announced a series of updates to the safety features of its popular Creta, Venue and i20 models. The updates come in response to increasing demand for vehicles with the latest safety features and technologies, including the latest in driver assistance systems. The Hyundai Creta has [...]

Cupra’s Dark Rebel

Cupra’s Dark Rebel Is a Concept Car You Can Customize

Cupra’s Dark Rebel concept car is a custom-built, high-performance vehicle that features a unique exterior design and an array of customizable options. The Dark Rebel is designed to be a blank canvas for the customer, allowing them to create a unique vehicle that reflects their individual style and taste. The exterior of the Dark Rebel [...]

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