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Amaze, The Cheapest Sedan Eclipses of Etios with Mileage

August 30, 2013 in Auto News, Honda Car by admin

The year is the beginning of new era in automobile industry of India. Honda Amaze has brought in a new era. The year is called as era as every car will now be offering hi- tech and best featured Sedans in a competitive prices. It is the beginning of era as Indian market will experience any such scenario for the first time. Let us go for a close car comparison, India along with a scrutiny in between Honda Amaze and its close competitor Toyota Etios.

The exterior design of the Honda Amaze represents the signature mark of the Japanese car maker as Honda has bestowed Amaze exterior design that is based on Brio. The twin slat chrome plated grille gives a mature appearance of Honda Amaze as compared to Toyota Etios. The finishing of the front bonnet and fender proves that Amaze has not been design as a sporty vehicle. The front design of the Sedan is very appealing and attractive. Toyota Etios has quite elegant and unique designing. Though the look of Etios is bit plain, however the appeal of the car does not lack in any manner. Though Toyota has built Etios with all standard features, but in the car comparison, India in between Honda Amaze and Toyota Etios in terms of interior design, Amaze gets an edge over Etios.

Let us sonda Amaze with Toyota Etios in terms of interior designing. In terms of interior designing, none of the cars beats. The interior front of Amaze has dual interiors along with other standard Honda features. Being a sub four meter vehicle the front as well as rear seats of the Amaze offers plenty of legroom and headroom. Honda has introduced a boot space of 400 litres in Amaze that caters the space needs in the most optimized matter. Toyota has given all latest hi- tech features to its entry level Sedan, Etios. A dual shade in black and red color is given to the interiors. Being spacious cabin offers comfortable seats.

In terms of Power, engine and performance both Honda Amaze and Toyota Etios stand neck to neck. Honda Amaze has been bought along with a good handling package. The suspension setup of Toyota Etios is well tuned and promises excellent driving as well as handling convenience. In comfort ride and handling also both the cars score equal points.

Honda gets superiority over the mileage as at present Honda Amaze is being known as the most fuel efficient car in India. This is one such point which has made Amaze winner of the Indian car market. The diesel version of Honda Amaze delivers a mileage of 25.8 KMPL whereas the diesel version gives a mileage of just 20 KMPL. The petrol version of Honda Amaze delivers a mileage 18 KMPL whereas petrol version of Toyota Etios delivers only 17.6 KMPL. One more point is there where Honda Amaze earns all scores from its competitor Toyota Etios and the point is Honda’s score. The most dominating as well as amazing feature that Honda has given to Amaze is its price. Toyota has given best features to Etios but in terms of mileage and price the car will have to work hard to come in level with Amaze.

John Wook, an auto expert by profession has a great passion for cars. He has also publishec many articles on the web regarding the new, latest, best and upcoming cars in India. In this article, he has shown the comparison between the cars: Honda Amaze and Toyota Etios. For more information about these cars, you can visit

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New Cars for Honda with Diesel Engines

April 23, 2013 in Auto News, Diesel Cars, Honda, Honda Car, New Cars by admin

New Honda Jazz Vibe in 2013


The all new 2014 Jazz, prepared with a turbo diesel motor, will arrive into India by early 2014 and will be the B+ segment hatchback that’ll take on the likes of the Maruti Suzuki Swift and the Hyundai i10.

New Honda City Sedan in 2013


The all new City sedan will be launched, supplied with a diesel engine supplementing petrol power. The other two launches that will happen between 2014 and 2015 are expected to be the Brio based MPV, a rival to the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, and the Jazz compact SUV, an SUV that could take on the Renault Duster.

New Honda Jazz in 2014


Both the Brio based MPV and the Jazz based SUV are predictable to feature diesel power given the fact that the segments they operate in require diesel power. So there, four new cars in Honda’s Indian line up will all come with diesel power and allowing for that the Japanese car maker is mulling a smaller i-DTEC diesel engine to sit under the 1.5 Liter motor

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