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General Motors plan to offer self driving car by 2020

August 30, 2013 in Accident Free Cars, Auto News by admin

General Motors will put a car on the road that can approximately drive itself. Self driving car uses radar and cameras to steer the car and keep it between lane lines. The radar keeps the car a safe distance from cars ahead of it, and it will brake to a complete stop if necessary.

Many auto makers already offer radar guided cruise control systems that keep their cars a safe detachment from other vehicles and even stop before a crash. They also have systems that warn drivers if they’re traveling out of their lane. The steering control is the big additional piece of electrical controls and active safety technology.

Lot of development work still needs to be done about road conditions, reaction of sensors, visibility of lane lines and how the system will interrelate with the driver, who still would be in control and can easily override the computer system. GM could sell the system well before the end of the decade.

In this system, people will be able to take their hands off the wheel on a throughway and let the car do the work.GM is conscious that the system could make drivers complacent; turning over control to the car even though the system isn’t designed.


Engineers say there are many obstacles to cars that totally drive themselves, counting how they respond to cars and trucks that don’t have the technology.

Honda said it was working on short range communications technology that would let a car detect a pedestrian with a smart phone. The system could prevent car crashes by warning both the driver and the pedestrian.

On Tuesday, Nissan said it wants to make cars that drive themselves by 2020. The corporation is working on the system with numerous universities and has a proving ground for independent cars near its headquarters in Japan.

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New technologies of Volvo collision free cars

July 23, 2013 in Accident Free Cars, Auto News, New cars, Volvo by admin

Volvo creates accident free driving cars with some of the technologies it is developing in its quest toward.


The New Technologies

  • Pedestrian detection in darkness
  • Animal detection
  • Road edge and barrier detection
  • Vehicle to vehicle communication
  • Self parking
  • Adaptive cruise control with steer assist

Pedestrian and animal detection is the part of Volvo City Safety System, which comes standard in the various models. This system automatically slams on the brakes if it calculates that an accident is imminent, and can completely prevent accidents if the car is moving at less than 19 mph.

Vehicle to vehicle communication is a wide program being developed by a syndicate of automakers in union with government. This technology lets cars warn each other about hazards, even when the driver lacks line of sight view of any pressure. Volvo is developing technology of automatic parallel parking is one of the promises of independent cars.


Adaptive cruise control has been the steer assist component would add an element where the car could not only handle braking and rushing, but also navigation when driving in slow moving traffic.

Volvo is developing all these technologies and the goal of injuries involving Volvo cars by the year 2020.

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