Bajaj Auto Ltd launches First 4 Wheeler

January 5, 2012 in Auto News, Bajaj-auto-news, New Cars, Offbeat News by admin

Bajaj Auto on Tuesday launched its first ever four-wheeler for intercity passenger transportation three-wheeler targeting customers. The company has until now manufactures the vehicle wheels and three-wheeler. “The first thing I want to make clear this is not a car but four-Wheeler. I’m a guy who’s anti-car and it’s a four-wheeler autoricksaw. That is where I’d position this car. The car will be sold through Bajaj three-wheeler dealers, “Rajiv Bajaj, managing director, Bajaj Auto, said.


Bajaj Auto LTD Lauches 4 Wheeler

The vehicle is powered by rear-mounted gasoline engines of 200 cc and will also be available in the CNG and LPG Variant. It has a speed of 70 kmph with range of 35 km per liter.

It is manufactured at the company Aurangabad.
“We have since 2009 was maintained that we a small car but a four wheel no longer be edited. Sure, this is a product, the main customers for which are the ones who are using a three Wheeler, “Bajaj explains.”

“This vehicle has been designed for intercity passenger transport keeping in mind the task cycle and with public safety requirements,” he added.


Bajaj Auto Launches Events Photos

However, he refused to reveal details of the price and investment, which was the company in product development.

Bajaj said as a matter of strategy for perceived always to develop product taking into account the difference abidta 20 per cent.


Bajaj Auto First Four Wheeler Models

Bajaj also did not share the objective of selling the new product.The high increase of the opportunity to comment on the potential of the vehicle, he said that the company’s three-wheeler segment by shifting the image.

“We make about 5, 20,000 Wheeler per year, of which only 2, 00,000 in India, are sold, while the rest will be exported. So we countries like Sri Lanka, the first overseas market and have a big potential for RE60 see “he said.”

Bajaj Auto also plans to export the vehicle to Bangladesh and African markets where Baja Auto already has a presence in three-wheeler market. Company’s Alliance with Renault-Nissan Sunny Bajaj is located, he said “They will be seeing the product have not yet seen and auto expo. Once they see it, is to decide the way forward.”


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He said if the Alliance Renault-Nissan, Bajaj can produce RE60; design to sell it under their brand name. In January 2008 Bajaj Auto unveiled their concept car with the expected cost of $ 3,000.
Take an excavation on the Tata Nano Bajaj said, been “I personally not sure what the Nano is. If it is the cheapest car in the world or God of gift to two-wheeler (customers). “