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2012 World’s Australian International Motor Show (AIMS) will be held on 28th of October.

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2012 Australian International Motor Show
Sydney 2012 Date: 19th – 28th October
Venue: Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre

History of AIMS

Australian International Motor Shows (AIMS) have a very long history in Melbourne and Sydney along with both metropolitan cities hosting exhibitions befitting in their effect along with Australia’s two largest capital cities.


The Sydney Motor Show was originally held at Moore Park (Sydney Showgrounds) and in 1988, the particular Motor show relocated towards the first purpose to built convention centre in Australia, the particular newly made Sydney Exposure Centre situated at Favorite Harbour.


Melbourne Motor Show was initially held in 1925 with primary sixty one exhibitions held at Melbourne’s iconic Royal Exhibition Building. The Motor Show which has been transferred towards newly built Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) in 1996 was the very first business oriented exhibit held in exhibition Centre.


In 2009, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, the organizing body of the Australian International Motor Show (AIMS) kept in Sydney, the Victorian Automobile Chamber of commerce and the organizers of the Melbourne International Motor Show agreed to form a Partnership.

Under the Partnership, the Motor Show will now be categorized into alternate motor shows between Melbourne as well as Sydney, which started in Sydney in October 2010 and then Melbourne in 2011.

The two Motor Shows are commonly called as Australian International Motor Show (AIMS).

Dates and Opening Time for Public:
Public Hours:
Friday, 19 October – 10am – 10pm
Saturday, 20 October – 10am – 10pm
Sunday, 21 October – 10am – 9pm
Monday, 22 October – 10am – 9pm
Tuesday, 23 October – 10am – 9pm
Wednesday, 24 October – 10am – 9pm
Thursday, 25 October – 10am – 10pm
Friday, 26 October – 10am – 10pm
Saturday, 27 October – 10am – 10pm
Sunday, 28 October – 10am – 6pm

Ticket Prices
Adult :     $22.00
Concession:*    $16.50
Children: (under 16)    $11.00
Children: (under 5)    Free
Family:**    $49.50

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Swedish massage S60 for Australia’s Motor Show 3-Series rival.

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Volvo had delivered on it’s assurance a faster version of its smooth S60 sedan, but only 50 cars will be offered here – for now 2012.

The S60 Polestar (Brand’s Swedish motor sport division) was shaped by Volvo’s Australian supplementary following strong attention in the roadway-ready concept version at the 2011 Australia motor show.


Swedish Massage Volvo S60 Polestar

Priced from value of $82,990, the S60 Polestar costs $10,000 more than the sportiest S60 at present available, the all-wheel-drive T6 R is based on Designing.

For our customers, an extra 18kW of power to 242kW and a torque increase of 40Nm. Thanks to the software that has improved to the T6’s 3.0-litre six-cylinder turbocharged steam engine.

Similar to this-an upgrade cost (approximately 1500 $) can be used in the United States, or even a portion of the software available online, even if less, the changes inserted into the car’s diagnostic but coming back to three-year/unlimited mileage warranty made by Volvo car manufacturers cuts off Australia.

Unlike the US version however, the only of its kind in Australia, S60 Polestar to receive other changes, including the stiffer springs, 15 mm less than the height ride and unique 19-inch alloy wheels, still stronger processing sporty T6 R-model.



Swedish Massage Volvo S60 Polestar 2011

A sport exhaust system with four outputs Mercedes-Benz AMG style is also equipped and offer official figure more torque than it is advertised to understand.

With a 0.3-second earlier 0-100km/h time of 5.8 seconds, the S60 Polestar competitions its donor car’s of official fuel use and emissions figures of 10.2 liters per 100 kilometers and 243g/km CO2.

Internal build number plaque contained within a floating dash while the label for the Volvo of international motorsport’s marriage and the partner user decoy discretely road.

Volvo Car Australia CEO Matt Braid says the company has been toying with the idea of a variation on performance for some time.

Although regular S60 variants rival likes of BMW’s 3 series and Mercedes-Benz C-class sedans, he highlights the S60 Polestar will not take on Germany’s performance power centers – both of which are powered by 300kW-plus V8 engines.

Braid said S60 Polestar came to life from clients requesting more work and even sportier handling than the current proposal of the brand and highlights Australia’s appetite for performance cars.

“Australia has one of the largest proportions of the sports model penetrations than most other markets. These facts show that we love driving; we like things which moves fast and the performance is a powerful motivator, particularly in the luxury segment, “he said.

Baird says S60 Polestar is the enforcement of the toe in the water for the test of public acceptance, but would not confirm many cars built or whether Polestar’s tuning would reach across to other Volvo models.

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Skoda Australia Has Announced Its Vehicle for the Global Green Car Challenge

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skoda car

The newly launched koda Superb, the most luxurious car koda has ever built is formally taking part in the Global Green Car Challenge soon this month. With its everlasting design and spacious interior, combined with class leading fuel efficient technology, the Superb will truly mark its place in the large car segment of the challenge.

For detailed information visit here

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