1. 10 Must Items – You Should have in your Car

When talking about car safety, airbags are the item which rolls first, in everyone’s mind. However, we ignore small items, which can go for a longer way and control the emergency situation, if occurred. Some of them have their car trunks empty, while others have enough items, such that they can survive in car for a week or more. Read More

2. How to qualify your car for winter Driving

Winterizing your car is a wise idea, as it will protect it from the cold and breakdowns during severe weather. If precautions are not taken, then it can result in a life threatening situation or unusual demand on its parts and equipment can rise.Read More

3. Check your Tires wear and tear for vehicles safety

To maintain and prolong tire life, it takes a penny to examine if tires are worn or losing tread. It becomes necessary to check tire pressure and alignment at least once a month to ensure your vehicle is safety on the road and help in improving gas mileage. According to car care aware, tires are critical to handle, but vital to maintain for vehicle’s safety.Read More

4. What Can Cause a Car to Breakdown or Overheat during summer

The heat of summer is not only wearing you down, but also tough for cars as high temperature can destroy batteries and stress the tires and cooling system. During peak of the summer, it is unbearable for the one to drive because the car interior is heated up to the dangerous temperature with a few not having the luxury of A/C. Read More

5. Do your brakes need to be replaced or inspected?

Brake safety awareness, celebrated by car care council in august as to remind motorist that, routine brake inspection is pretty much important in order to make safer driving for you, your passengers and others on the road. Brake system, is the essential part without which you cannot slow down or stop a vehicle. Read More

6. Is off-brand Gas bad for your car?

Are you confused whether to pump off-brand gas or premium gas in your fuel tank? If so, then you can set free, as the results is that they almost mirror one another, according to ABC NEWS. He added there may be a slight variation, but gasoline is gasoline, generic gas will not harm your car engines. Read More

7. Love Your Car with a Regular Service

It’s important to treat your car to a regular service; doing so can prevent small problems from becoming more serious, and can also help you to save money over time. Servicing can include checking oil and fluid levels, as well as tyre pressure, brake pads, and electrics, and can be an excellent way to keep your car in good condition between MOT checks.Read More

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