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USA’s Top insurance companies – 2014

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Many people are completely bewildered in choosing the trustworthy auto insurance company. If you are one among them, then our previous article’s guidelines would helped you to know about the system how J.D. Power ratings and A.M Best ratings deliver the annual strategy report based on the quality of the insurance companies.


  J.D. Power ratingsjd   A.M Best ratings



It has been already discussed that the insurance companies are rated by collecting data from individual policyholders based on factors like coverage options, claims, customer satisfaction and experience. The financial strength of the company is also rated and this helps in knowing the nature of the car insurance company.





Let’s see the listed top rated auto insurance companies-2014 according to J.D. Power ratings review.

Insurance company
Tennessee Farm Bureau Southeast
PEMCO Insurance Northwest
Auto Owners Insurance North Central
State Farm New York
GEICO New York
Amica Mutual New England
The Hartford Mid Atlantic
The Hartford Florida
Auto Owners Insurance Central
Wawanesa California
State Farm Southwest
Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Texas
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How to choose the best auto insurance companies in the USA

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Car insurance

Car Insurance provides the greatest benefit in offering financial protection for vehicle against damage, collision and theft. Insurance policies differ from one another and each has separate coverage levels. For instance, the premium for comprehensive coverage will be lesser as only physical damage is taken into account.  Insurance packages abide legal regulations and it varies with regions.


Protect your car with Car insurance

Car insurance is a mandatory document intended to protect from the risk of financial loss. It is recommended to opt for early insurance plans as many of them depend on car warranty for their damage claims. The period of car warranty exceeds to maximum 5 years and claims can be raised only for malfunctioning parts of vehicle. So it is better to protect your car with car insurance that can take care of all expenses related to the car issues. There exist different insurance policies from which coverage plans for liability and collision are considered to be the most important one. Those policies will help you in situations where you are responsible for third party vehicle damage. Protect your car with car insurance and reap out the multiple benefits.


Pick out the best auto insurance company USA

Make sure you are taking up the legal car insurance policy. In a legal policy you will receive the documentation directly from the company within few days of purchasing your insurance. Before buying an insurance, check whether the company is legally licensed or not. To obtain the information contact the state’s insurance commission. Constantly check out the J.D. Power ratings and A.M Best ratings for knowing the best auto insurance company that operates in your state.  The licensed insurance companies are rated by collecting data from individual policyholders based on factors like coverage options, claims, customer satisfaction and experience. The financial strength of the company is also rated. This will help in knowing the nature of your car insurance company. 

After reading the post you will get idea about the top auto insurance companies in the USA and the approach of how to buy cheap car insurance. 

Some of the Best Auto Insurance companies in the USA:

BEST AUTO INSURANCE IN THE USA: See Why Drivers Trust Us Most For Auto Insurance
 usaa.USAA AUTO INSURANCE: CAR AND AUTO INSURANCE COMPANY IN USA  geico.GEICO | Manage Your Best Auto Policy ~ Make updates to your car insurance



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USA’S most expensive and Least Expensive cities for Automobile Insurance- 2014

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Insurance for automobile is made mandatory in almost all states of the US. The policies and coverage vary extensively with different car insurance companies that operate on a specified state. The average car premium you pay in Salem will hugely differ with Detroit. Know the exact value of premium range in your city, compare with multiple auto insurance companies and avail the reasonable discount. Check out the most expensive and least expensive cities for automobile insurance in the following table:

Cheap expensive cities for car insurance

Average Car Insurance Premium
1 Winston-Salem NC 232,397 $969.10
2 Greensboro NC 273,419 $1,089.58
3 Raleigh NC 416,126 $1,098.48
4 Durham NC 233,210 $1,100.50
5 Charlotte NC 751,074 $1,123.09
6 Boise City ID 210,151 $1,221.65
7 Rochester NY 210,850 $1,249.26
8 Fayetteville NC 203,922 $1,294.80
9 Spokane WA 210,107 $1,307.68
10 Montgomery AL 213,132 $1,375.82
11 Des Moines IA 206,577 $1,420.07
12 Birmingham AL 211,458 $1,429.36
13 Albuquerque NM 552,801 $1,442.01
14 Anchorage AK 295,570 $1,449.39
15 Mobile AL 194,887 $1,470.68
16 San Diego CA 1,326,183 $1,474.71
17 Chesapeake VA 225,050 $1,479.11
18 San Jose CA 967,478 $1,483.83
19 Madison WI 236,889 $1,490.36
20 Chula Vista CA 247,514 $1,490.56
21 Virginia Beach VA 442,707 $1,494.24
22 Irvine CA 215,511 $1,498.10
23 Fremont CA 216,912 $1,502.47
24 Huntington Beach CA 192,868 $1,510.83
25 Pittsburgh PA 307,498 $1,514.27
26 Oxnard CA 199,917 $1,519.11
27 Fort Wayne IN 258,803 $1,532.76
28 Bakersfield CA 352,429 $1,560.93
29 Tallahassee FL 182,955 $1,573.02
30 Norfolk VA 242,628 $1,591.95


 The most expensive cities for car insurance

Average Car Insurance Price
1 Detroit city MI 706,640 $10,723.22
2 New Orleans LA 360,740 $4,309.61
3 Grand Rapids MI 189,813 $4,042.42
4 Newark NJ 277,545 $3,525.43
5 Baton Rouge LA 230,148 $3,363.73
6 Hialeah FL 229,967 $3,271.86
7 Jersey City NJ 250,317 $3,266.63
8 Louisville KY 602,037 $3,255.99
9 Miami FL 408,760 $3,168.75
10 Philadelphia PA 1,536,471 $2,930.53
11 Shreveport city LA 201,871 $2,901.23
12 Chicago IL 2,707,123 $2,859.36
13 New York City NY 8,244,910 $2,712.43
14 Boston MA 624,969 $2,681.00
15 Tampa FL 346,064 $2,663.43
16 Lexington KY 301,569 $2,652.11
17 Las Vegas NV 589,340 $2,618.59
18 Minneapolis MN 387,736 $2,602.06
19 St. Paul MN 288,437 $2,554.29
20 Honolulu HI 340,931 $2,515.38
21 North Las Vegas NV 219,017 $2,504.10
22 Los Angeles CA 3,819,708 $2,307.57
23 Henderson NE 260,072 $2,301.29
24 Glendale CA 193,113 $2,276.11
25 St. Louis MO 318,069 $2,271.58
26 Atlanta GA 432,425 $2,224.76
27 St. Petersburg FL 244,995 $2,218.35
28 Houston TX 2,145,933 $2,211.62
29 Yonkers NY 197,397 $2,194.56
30 Baltimore MD 619,493 $2,172.23


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