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Love Your Car with a Regular Service

July 2, 2013 in Auto News, BMW by admin

It’s important to treat your car to a regular service; doing so can prevent small problems from becoming more serious, and can also help you to save money over time. Servicing can include checking oil and fluid levels, as well as tyre pressure, brake pads, and electrics, and can be an excellent way to keep your car in good condition between MOT checks. Why, then, does regular servicing benefit your car, and how can you take advantage of dealership schemes to get inclusive servicing?

Taking a pro-active approach to your car’s maintenance can ultimately help you to be a more efficient and frugal driver. You can choose how often you service your car based on how much driving you do; a service about every 5,000 miles is typical if you want to get into good habits, although you can go more often. Checks every 3 to 6 months can spot problems with oil, and can also replace your air filter, top up brake fluids, and assess the tread of your tyres.

Regular services can benefit your insurance policy; you’ll be less of a breakdown risk on the road, and will also be able to save on your insurance by demonstrating that your car is in the best condition it can be. Showing insurers a record of services can demonstrate that you’re taking a responsible attitude to your driving, and can also be a good marketing tool if you decide to sell your car, putting yours in a better condition than other, similar models.

In the long term, then, regular services can help you to avoid having to pay out for major repairs. Think of services as topping up an investment in your car so that you’ll be at less of a risk of having to pay for a major breakdown, or for a more serious failure of key parts. Moreover, your car will be more efficient to drive, and can last longer on the road with regular servicing, which can ensure that your engine is in the best possible condition.

It’s also worth remembering that many dealerships, and particularly authorised dealerships of a single marque, will offer flexible servicing packages and after care warranties. For example,  BMW Servicing deals can involve inclusive servicing up to a certain amount of miles, as well as a commitment to only using genuine BMW parts; you can make advance payments towards servicing, with the knowledge that you’re going to get a consistent level of quality repairs and maintenance.

In this context, regular servicing of your car is recommended as a way to show it some care and attention, with the long term goal of saving money on major repairs; you’ll also be able to enjoy a car that’ll run smoother, and will be less likely to break down in an emergency. It’s worth, then, recognising regular car servicing as an investment that can cut down on your maintenance costs through small but significant checks.

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New Applications of BMW X5

May 31, 2013 in Auto News, BMW, New Cars by admin

The new X5 will come standard with many technical features, from a USB port and navigation to BMW Applications, which integrates social media running on an iPhone with the car’s dashboard.


BMW X5 features are direct injection, 3liter inline six cylinder engines, worth 300 horsepower. Engine choice is a diesel and 3 liter six cylinders and eight speed automatic transmission. Eco Pro driving mode is reducing energy draw from climate control and other vehicle systems. Eco Pro also the engine from the driveline when the car is coasting, although bringing it back online when the driver touches the brakes, making engine braking available.


Eco Pro driving mode is energy efficient routes into the navigation system. Navigation shows up on a 10.2-inch LCD, which now stands up from the control panel, as in other new BMW models. BMW says it includes a touch pad for power, which could be an development.


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Best Handling Nissan GT-R

May 28, 2013 in Auto News, BMW, Motor Show, New Cars by admin

Nissan produced GT-R Track model that brings a stiffer suspension, enhanced brake cooling and more. The centerpiece of the GT-R is its power plant, a twin turbocharged and direct injected 3.8 liter V6 that pumps out 545 horsepower and 463 lb ft of torque. The new model year has brought a number of slight revisions to the motor and high injectors designed to create improve mid range punch and a new baffle plate in the oil pan to improved stabilize oil pressure.


The GT-R is one of the best handling cars on the market, and the latest version promise to build on that status. On top of a host of recent upgrades, Nissan has made a number of improvements for the latest model year. Modifications to the shock absorbers and front stabilizer tighten up the handling, as do new dash panel reinforcements that increase body severity.


High quality leather and carbon fiber give the interior a premium feels and specially designed 11 speaker Bose stereo including two forward facing woofers in the rear center armrest area for audiophiles. The GT-R model come standard with dual front, front side and front side shutter airbags in adding to traction and constancy control systems and a tire force monitoring system.

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