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Cartoons are those which even a child admires and it can be of any generation. Cartoons are doubtless, one of the most precious and best memories of childhood. They are one those childhood gifts that can make us a child back even now. Whenever talking and remembering of childhood, cartoons talks can never be missed. Watching cartoons also helps us to motivate the child to actively participate in school functions.


In 1951, Ramone is a Impala low rider. He runs local custom body and paint shop. He loves riding very much. When he was about to paint flo, he just dropped the brush down because she was too good to be painted. It was featured in Disney’s animated Pixar film-“CARS”.


It is a 1950’s model. She was married to Ramone.This car first arrived as a touring motorama girl in radiator springs. She runs the local diner named “Flo’s V8 cafe”.
Flo V8 café is a place in radiator springs owned by her. This place is well known for its Gas and Oil. With the recent success of this Cars movie, flo’s V8 café themed dining is made in Disney adventure park, California.


As you all know very well about this car, it consists of tiny tyres with sparkling lights. It is a fabulous miniature car. It is a favourite car for kids. The Super-duper car which attracts the kids by its reckless driving. It is used for race driving too.


This is the world’s most vibrant vehicle built in 1969 by Ed “Newt” Newton at Bob Reisner California show cars. It was so challenging for panther with long snout to drive the car. The body is fully covered with sheet metal, rather than using fiberglass.

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10 Strange Limousines

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A limousine is a luxury vehicle, which can accommodate more than 8 people (based on their design), with a lengthened wheelbase. Most of the Limousines or limos are either owned by celebrities or hired for any special occasion. It has all luxurious features like bar, dance floor, pool, disco lights, wide television screens, audio/video system, a small refrigerator and much more. Here are 10 strange Limousines with unique features.

1. Pink Hummer Limo

Pink Hummer Limo

The unique Pink Hummer Limousine is about 11 meters long and can be used for parties or any special occasion. It is largest of its type and can accommodate more than 15 people at a time. It has many features like bars, widescreen LCD’s, dance floor, star lights, smoke machines and much more.

2. Longest Limousine

Longest Limousine

The 26-wheeled limousine created by Jay Ohrberg of Burbank, California is about 30.5 Meters and has 2 driver cabins. It is better equipped with all luxuries like spa, swimming pool, king-sized bed, sun-deck and even a helipad.

3. Dual-nosed Escalade Limousine

Dual-nosed Escalade Limousine

Dual-nosed Escalade Limousine, tend to provide a nosed look with six doors and 10 seats. It can be operated on other ends and eliminate the reverse gear. The back seat is a comfy partition where passenger has to sit.

4. KAZ, the electric Limousine

KAZ-the electric Limousine

Amalgamation of Japanese companies and designers of Italy IDEA institute came up with the idea of KAZ, the electric Limousine. It can equip with 8 people and has 8 wheels, with a power of 84 lithium-ion batteries, which can go about 184 miles in a single charge.

5. Corvette Limousine

Corvette Limousine

Corvette Limousine is about 23 feet long and took 8 months to complete. It has features like other limos, such as disco floor, bar, fire place, music and many more. It can accommodate 10 people at a time.

6. Beetle Limousine

Beetle Limousine

Beetle Limousine was found in turkey with a retro look of faux wood finish dashboard. It has a window partition between passengers and driver. It has few luxuries like audio/video system and mini bar.

7. Dodge Extended-Cab Limousine With Camper

Dodge Extended-Cab Limousine With Camper

Dodge Extended-Cab Limousine With Camper has four wheel, which will be suitable for all weather conditions. It is mounted with caravan, in order to make their passengers sleep in comfort. This limo is certainly perfect for camping.

8. Mini Cooper S Limo

Mini Cooper S Limo

Mini Cooper S Limo measures 27 feet and rides on 6 wheels. It cost around £65,000 with all additional features like television screens, disco balls, special champagne fridge and neon lights.

9. Prius Limousine

Prius Limousine

Prius limousine is build by a Canadian, which is equipped with 10 seats. It has six door and four wheels that can suit any kind of weather condition.

10. Lada Limo

Lada Limo

Lada, a Russian manufacturer is popular in Russia and west during 1980’s. The Limousine which they have built is used as a taxi cabs and are common in Cuban streets.

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Local motors aimed at shaking up the auto industry

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Car manufacturing companies face a major problem of wasting large amount of money in production, looking for suggestion and solutions to consolidate and eliminate redundancy. Local motor CEO Jay Rogers perceived the same challenge and attacked completely in a different direction. He says manufacturing process of building a car is same from 1915, with thousand of individual parts on assembly lines.

With the idea of changing manufacturing process and keeping cost-cutting as the major factor, local motors came up with a new innovation called as ‘strati – a 3D printed car’. This Classic (hot-looking) car was built in amalgamation with Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. The strati is a small two-seater electric car.


3D printing can be done in several versions, most commonly used is a laser to form solid objects from epoxy resins to powdered titanium. Local motors used a different method where it can build up objects, mainly one pixel at a time. They demonstrated the concept publicly, where the prototype was same as strati, which had barely 50 auto parts. Two factories, with an employ of 100 each, has scheduled to complete its construction by the end of the year.

The 3D-printed car is crude by design, its flanks, meanwhile, resembling the exposed parts of BMW i3’s matte carbon tub. Roger says, some parts of the car look like, it came out of the printer and it can be changed according to their user’s requirements. The most important feature of 3D printed car, it can be recyclable by putting a vinyl wrap on it.


How strati is made?

Carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic is used for printing, a versatile, strong and cheap material, which may have advanced features to enable safety. Printed car is built in layers and each layer is removed from nozzles of the printer. If the tub is damaged, it can be recycled by removing the motor and melting the car.

Roger mentioned “last car which he tested was a McLaren 650S that cost more than $300,000. This strati, lackluster motor could cost $5000. He added, developing countries will love this technology for its reasonable rates with advanced features. Even a rich guy will like it because of its thousand horsepower with having his own choice of design“.

The strati took 40 hours to print and local motor company is currently looking for an electric-power train supplier. However, the research is ongoing and they have claimed that, they are working on techniques that could increase printer speed by as much as 500-fold.

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