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2023 Lexus

For 2023, the Lexus RC is getting an updated infotainment system and a few new color options. The Lexus RC is a sporty, luxury coupe originally released back in 2014. It has been a popular choice among luxury shoppers ever since, and with the 2023 model, it is receiving several significant updates. The 2023 Lexus RC will now feature the latest version Lexus Enform, which is their in-house infotainment system. This brings a much-needed upgrade for the car, as the system has been rather outdated compared to other manufacturers. It features higher resolution displays, faster processors, and better touchscreen response times making the overall user experience much improved.

2023 Lexus
2023 Lexus

In addition to the improved infotainment system, the 2023 Lexus RC is also getting a few new color options. These new colors include shades of blue, black, gray and brown. The exterior styling of the car has also been given a slight refresh with an emphasis on sharper lines and more aggressive cues. The 2023 Lexus RC is a good option for luxury shoppers looking for a sporty coupe. With the updated infotainment system and new color options, the car adds a new level of style and sophistication. The interior is also quite comfortable, with plenty of legroom in the back seat and a generous cargo capacity. The driving experience is smooth and responsive, making the car a pleasure to drive. All in all, it is a great option if you are looking for a luxury coupe that stands out.

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