2014 Mitsubishi outlander review

July 15, 2014 in Mitsubishi outlander

Many automobiles have been launched in the market with advanced features, right from enhanced torque mechanism to engine efficiency everything has been stuffed in the latest unveiled cars. Mitsubishi outlander -2014 has accustomed with the ever introduced safety features that prioritize the protection and security as the major important factor in addition with other excellent unparalleled features.  

Super all wheel control-

This is one of the exotic features meant to provide flexibility in driving. It consists of four selectable modes: SNOW mode for slippery paths mostly operated on winter and on loose terrains. NORMAL mode for all day-to-day conditions. LOCK mode for smooth driving. AWC ECO mode is a special control mechanism meant to save fuel on driving where the power is transferred only to two wheels.


Advanced safety mechanism

The 2014 outlander has been equipped with the advanced safety features. Lane Departure Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control and Forward Collision Mitigation are the three safety mechanisms have been incorporated.  The LDW system as the name suggests it alerts the driver whenever the vehicle moves away from the lane; it has an onboard camera mechanism to detect the position of vehicle. The ACC system uses radar technology to detect the exact distance between you and the vehicle ahead, it is meant to track the needed safety distance between the vehicles. The FCM system is meant for accident prevention which has a brake system that automatically applies in preventing the collision.

The outlander-2014 has also shown the splendid hit in fuel efficiency and transmission. The mechanism consists of 2 fuel efficient MIVEC engines that deliver 166 horse power on the road with CVT offering 6-speed automatic torque converter. The system provides the perfect new ratio for enhanced fuel efficiency.