Headlight technology in luxurious automobiles

June 27, 2014 in Unveiled Cars by admin

The automobile is considered as a classy and splendid one, based on its perfectness in both interior and exterior features. Not just the space, flexibility, engine mechanism and fuel optimization are the major elements need to be taken into account, but also the brake system, tyre technology and headlight assistance are the significant components has to be prioritized more. In fact, these are the core systems protect us from the external disasters.  The headlight technology is the vast subject and has variations with its types such as directional headlights, cornering lights, self-leveling lights, dusk-sensing headlights, etc. 


The common headlight types:

Adaptive headlights – The headlights are meant to give a long illuminating effect on the road especially in bends. As the direct rays from headlights may blank out the opposite person the adaptive headlights are systemized to turn the projectors only after the threshold speed has been breached. The projectors of the headlights can turn up to 15 degrees in equalizing the car’s direction.

Self-leveling lights – The self leveling system is intended to adjust the projection of headlights based on the inclination of car’s front and rear suspension angles. 

Dusk-sensing headlights -The system acts as a sensor in turning on and off the headlights automatically. The system is inbuilt in sensing the regular day light and when the brightness dim little lower than the regular blaze the lights will automatically switched on. The dusk-sensing system is of greater use especially in winter and snowfall seasons.

Audi R8 and BMW i8 which is to be unveiled in the upcoming year have been incorporated with the smart headlight system, in projecting the high beam of rays that have been ever integrated in any automobile industries. The introduction of laser and LED light system in these cars claim a double illumination range of high beams covering 600 meters. The laser beam is made to get passed through the phosphorous coated plate and hence making it safer to be sensed with naked eyes. This new headlight assistance technology further enhances the sharp vision on distant roads ensuring the hassle free drive on the road.