Ways to stop your teen texting while driving

January 22, 2010 in Men and cars

Are you a parent of a teenager? Do you have difficulty keeping them from TEXTING while driving? With such a big deal being made about texting and driving (rightfully so), have you ever wondered if they text and drive?
Preferred method of contact for adolescents — texting, texting and more texting. As a parent it’s up to you to find solutions to prevent your adolescents from texting while driving. Preventing them from texting and driving could save their lives, or other.

Ways to Stop Your Teen from Texting and Driving.

Your strength may not be able to stop them from sending thousands of text messages while driving, they may send each and every month, but here are  some of the ways you could encourage them to stop texting while they are behind the Vehicle controls. As worried citizens, we have to come up with 7 strategies you can use to talk about the dangers of texting while driving with your teens.

Ways to Stop Your Teen from Texting and Driving

An informed teens will at least have the information needed to make the right choice. While the teenagers do not always make the best decisions, giving your teen the cold hard particulars about texting and driving dangers could save their life.


If you weren’t aware of  it yet then, texting while driving is dangerous. With over 16,000 texting related deaths while driving in 6 years, texting is among the top reasons for car crashes, and teenager’s deaths. Your teen’s life is in danger every time they text while driving.

Texting while driving is an unsafe


Some educators are worried about the changes that are happening because of the new texting language. Are you a teenager who uses “,” and “u r”, and the language and qualifications you need for entering the work force is fading the possibilities of young people at the University. This may not seem like a big deal, but the speed with which each month they send a message to thousands of “shorthand” promote their bad habits, makes their grammar skills worse.


Not only SMS can result in Ernst life-threatening injuries during the journey, but simply the Act of SMS can cause problems in their hands and fingers. In fact more and more young adults and young people are now complaining regarding the injuries in the hand, and there is probably a correlation between the two.
If you want to keep them under your control then you can try and inform them about the potential damage. Their ability to participate in sports or other extracurricular activities is inhibited.


Reward them not while they are riding. You need to inspect and have an account of the activities in their mobile phones while they are with friends. It may seem to be an unconventional solution, but it works.


Sheriff Kevin Pals from Mason City, IA, has come up with an innovative and “cool” way to prevent teens from using mobile phones and driving accidents: drop-down box bands. Messages like “Live Strong” or “Kiss Me I am Irish” makes room for text mobile awareness thumb bands.
With messages like “Texting kills”, his thumb bands becoming a popular item. Why don’t you order some for your teenager and his/her friends?  Also, encourage your teen to talk aout the dangers of texting while driving to his/her friends. In many cases, peer pressure can increase the habit of texting and driving.


Technology can create undesirable results, such as texting accidents. However, there are some additional technologies that can offer solutions. Vlingo has found a way to turn spoken words into a text. Since now, you have been using your fingers to write a text message as physical technology but it is changing.
This technology dangers driving distracted, but it’s easier to keep your eyes on the road with your teens. A recent study found that 67% of the interviewed would feel safer if they were texting without their eyes off the road.


Another way- Third-party technology to restrict telephone use and timing of your teenager.

This is how you can consider using technology 3:

1. Text Blocker – allows you to configure the restrictive zones to block texts mobile communications.

2. Zoom Safer – designed for use primarily fleet operator and enterprises, this technology also helps to restrict your child’s cell phone use.

3. Web Safety – the third is under the control of the use of technology, offer your teen texting and cell phone.

This is meant to remind that there are technologies to help them, it is important to explain to your teen. With the implementation and use,  identify your teen to set an example for this and can be useful to use your own technologies.

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