The Honda Accord coupe in 2013

April 4, 2013 in Auto News, expensive cars, Honda

The new Accord has transformed enough to lure new customers. Yet, it has retained a common feel so as not to shock loyal owners away from their dependable, re-sellable driving companion.


A lot of the changes on the 2013 Accord feel very Lexus-like. Standard LED lighting elements and Smart Entry and Push Button Start option on some models. The sedan and coupe models are powered by four-cylinder or V6 engines mated to five-speed or six-speed automatic transmissions respectively.


The Accord includes 3.5 EX and 3.5 Sport, the Lane Watch blind-spot alert feature uses a camera mounted on the passenger mirror to display an image of the two lanes to the right and behind the car on a video screen positioned in the central control stack.


Overall, the Accord’s DNA remains unchanged. The acceleration even at very high speeds is very stable, but it does appear more large and luxurious on the inside.The Honda resale value is among the best in the World, the biggest problem Accord faces is persuasive buyers to pay a premium price without receiving the premium badge that many drivers desire as a status symbol. Prices start from Dhs88, 999.

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