2017 Toyota Highlander Revealed With Revamped Look And Attractive Features

March 29, 2016 in New Cars by admin

The upcoming 2017 Toyota Highlander is expected to have some major changes in the design since it first arrived in 2014. The design upgrade will be covering critical changes subsequent to the present model with a wide range of trim levels. The thrilling news is that it is going to be equipped with direct-infused V-6 powered by an eight-speed programmed transmission. Additionally, you can expect two more upcoming models along with the SE model and other low-cost Highlander hybrid variants. Let’s discuss the changes that 2017 Toyota Highlander is coming with:


1.The New Power train For More Efficiency:

With the three power trains, 2017 Highlander is going to offer you an efficient choice. It will be equipped with a 2.7-liter four-barrel (limited to front-wheel drive only), a gas-electric half breed and a V-6 (with the front-or four-wheel drive) for a better riding experience. Currently, the most Highlanders are produced and sold with the V-6 only, but with the recent upgrades, it has become obvious that Toyota is throwing away its way old 3.5-liter 2GR-FE unit. This technological shift will be replaced with the more productive and port-infused 3.5-litre 2GR-FKS V-6. Furthermore, the engine will be upgraded to 278 horsepower which is the real attraction.

2.The Power Packed Eight Speed Gears:

The new V-6 will be backed with 2 additional gears which will bring a major change in its automatic transmission. The technological change is expected to have six-speed to eight-speed gears. Though not a four cylinder, but the upgrade will benefit the users with the auto start-stop function who can now save money on their fuels with this option. This is going to bring the significant change in the fuel economy and will be beating the current Highlander model.

3.More Options For Hybrids And a New SE:

Buyers will enjoy the option of the hybrid models just like earlier but with the more ease. For every model, there is an option to buy the hybrid version that gets as much as 28mpg on the highways and the cities. However, earlier, the hybrid versions used to cost a lot but now the changes have made more accessible as Toyota is offering hybrid options in the base LE and XLE trims as well.
The SE version will not be having the option to go hybrid as this model is somewhat more focused on the sportiness than the other models. Its exteriors are made to give a vibrant look with the elegant headlamps, followed by 19-inch wheels particularly available for this model. Salsa Red Pearl color is only limited to the SE version that has the dark leather seats which give it a luxurious touch. The SE model’s competitive advantage is its firmer suspension tune.

The Last But Not Least:

The 2017 Toyota Highlander, no doubt, will be equipped with the major changes but the bundle of safety equipment will be same as that of before. Additionally, you will be seeing the blind spot warning systems with the 30-degree view for the better monitoring. Lastly, there will be a huge jump in the total number of USB ports, totaling from one to five. Just wait for the 2017 Highlander to be rolled out for the sale in this fall.