How to drive dangerously!

November 14, 2009 in Men and cars by admin

Driving is fun for some, but for others its a passion to try different things with�their brand new car. Things are pretty easy to get into a crash. This is how you can increase the chances…

Step 1

When you are going to drive your car, always be drunk or under the influence of a drug.�Anything which keeps you in�half sleeping�condition�is probably the most suggested. Drive fast and feel that breeze in your hair.�Stick your head with the�window while managing the car with one hand so that you can feel the speed.

Step 2

Always make sure that you have phone in your hands and text while driving. Don’t bother looking at the road either. The cars around you will know to move out of the way when they need to. If you happen to change lanes, don’t�show your signals. You certainly do not have time for that.

Step 3

If you have food in the car, eat while driving to save time. Hold a burger in one hand and a drink in the other while driving your car with your legs. If you do this and text your friends side by side then it�s a great drive, of course a fun drive.

Step 4

Try watching movie while driving. You won’t believe how fast time flies when you are�not borthered�about looking�the road ahead and giving your best attention to the movie.

Step 5

Feel free to call people while driving and don’t use any of that new Blue Tooth technology. Try to race with other cars on the roads with a gentle conversation with the other drivers. The less hands you have on your steering wheel, the closer you are at driving dangerously. Be adventurous, by driving with different parts of your body.

Step 6

If you’re a girl then certainly do your all hair styling and makeup in the car while driving. Put on lipstick, brush your hair and drive fast with your legs or knees. Looking at the makeup mirror in your hand is most suggested than the rearview mirror of your car.

eating while driving

Things you will need
Makeup kit

Probably, if you are a born adventurer then you can try what Mr. Bean does when he gets late.


—If you follow any of these tips, you are really a big idiot.

—These are things you should not do.

—Be under the influence of driving