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Small efficient cars are necessarily not safe

January 6, 2010 in Men and cars by admin

All new cars and other trucks are built to congregate a comprehensive set of federal safety regulations. They are built keeping in mind the precautions and the safety measures. But that doesn�t mean that all vehicles are equally safe all the time.

You might wonder when you come to know that the vehicle that you are buying or which you are driving may put you at a greater risk of dying in an accident, according to a study published by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, a nonprofit supported by the insurance industry.

People choose small vehicles because they are generally more environmentally friendly, a great value, they provide for greater driving and parking options in congested urban areas, and many consumers tell us they are simply more fun to drive

Why small cars won�t keep you safe?
While our environment is pushing us to make and sell smaller, lighter cars that meet the high fuel economy standards, safety advocates worry that meeting those requirements would result in cars that are less safe in a crash.
The laws of Physics
Size is important because mass, coupled with acceleration, determines the force of a crash. Injuries depend on the forces that act on the occupants in the car, not on how much external damage the car sustains. The force of a crash turns on two key attributes: the weight of the crashing vehicle, which determines how much speed must be absorbed during the impact, and the size of the vehicle, which often determines how close the front of the vehicle is to the driver–an essential indicator of the extent of injuries to the legs and torso.

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Attitude of Men and Cars

November 19, 2009 in Men and cars by admin

You would know what cars can do for you? They create a feel that life would be better with them. You start thinking about the lovely days and the nights you would have if you had a car. You think it will make your life go well once you make it yours. You will be able to go out and come as you wish and you need not leave home early to catch the bus at the bus stop. Perhaps you need not spend anything if you had it once.


Finally you decide to buy a new car, why to spend on buying cheap cars? You were not willing to take risk as it may give you trouble sometime in your journey. So you work out and manage to get money with your savings account, but you thought the car deserves it.
You had a wish to buy a consistent car that would not bring you to a halt leaving you halfway, and so you did it !

As usual, the whole thing was great at first. It drove great! Its engine came on when you tried to start it. It drove the way you used the steering wheel. You looked out the gauge of the tire, and even learnt how to check the fluids. You did the oil tune up every three thousand miles to keep it in fine condition.

You never kept your car dirty-inside and outside. You never let it run out of gas either. You always kept it smelling good with air fresheners, and everyone who entered your car could not stop giving away compliments to you.

Why then suddenly it started messing up? When you try putting the car in D it started reversing. And you find�the tire flat,�which you checked by morning was fine. Then what happened in the mean time?

You had no clue what would be the reason for it. It seemed to have happened out of nowhere. It completely refused to start. You took it to the overhauling shop with a heavy dent in you�re bank account. After spending all that you had, the car seemed to be in a good condition.

Your friends yelled at you that you don�t have to spend this much for a car. But you never listened to them when it concerns your car. Of course, they don�t understand the kind of bonding that you share with the car. You declined their views and said that your car is a good car.
You slowly made your mind to trust it again, but once more you are disappointed.

You take it again to the overhauling shop and dish out some more money there. You cried all way and thought, is it worth having this car? You had no idea why it was jerking on the road. Perhaps, it would be better to go and wait for the bus and pay few dollars to get your daily work done. But how could you go from grace to grass?

All your friends and relatives know that you have a car� Noooo. But you still remained patient. Things will get better.

You think that the reason would be putting a regular gas. So from now you will start putting the premium gas. You don�t take it to highways as it may be expensive to get it towed from there.� You check out everything, from oil to tires. You make it a point to check it once a while. Slowly it gains your confidence and trust. What do you see? Great going.. no jerks, its going well like a new car. But then what it does to you?

It starts smoking in the highway. Refuses to move. It leaves you at a point where you need to attend an important meeting of your life or to go back with the car to the mechanic again. You are struck between a rock and a very hard piece. You have no idea on what�s wrong with it. Damn. . You have given this man your life, and now it seems you have done it all for nothing. You have spent so much of your time and emotions into him and you lost the hope that you would yield any profit from it.
You have invested so much of your time and emotions into him and you do not feel like you are yielding any profit. You have two options: you could either give up on him and start all over with someone new, or you could continue with him and bear the consequences.

He knows your likes and dislikes. He knows your strengths and weaknesses. You told him the things you can never share with your best friends also.

Men are like cars. Some times, just enter your car and drive off. You think about the days when you suffered without it. But be thankful to God for giving you the car.

On other days, however, when you are�left on the highway and paying your future paycheck to the overhauler, you would wonder of the point for having a car. Even though you cannot deny the fact that it gave you nice opportunities to explore things about it. But spending money on it from the second job is nothing great or different from the current situation you are in, than before you had without a car.

Grace to grass or Craze for cars
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How to drive dangerously!

November 14, 2009 in Men and cars by admin

Driving is fun for some, but for others its a passion to try different things with�their brand new car. Things are pretty easy to get into a crash. This is how you can increase the chances…

Step 1

When you are going to drive your car, always be drunk or under the influence of a drug.�Anything which keeps you in�half sleeping�condition�is probably the most suggested. Drive fast and feel that breeze in your hair.�Stick your head with the�window while managing the car with one hand so that you can feel the speed.

Step 2

Always make sure that you have phone in your hands and text while driving. Don’t bother looking at the road either. The cars around you will know to move out of the way when they need to. If you happen to change lanes, don’t�show your signals. You certainly do not have time for that.

Step 3

If you have food in the car, eat while driving to save time. Hold a burger in one hand and a drink in the other while driving your car with your legs. If you do this and text your friends side by side then it�s a great drive, of course a fun drive.

Step 4

Try watching movie while driving. You won’t believe how fast time flies when you are�not borthered�about looking�the road ahead and giving your best attention to the movie.

Step 5

Feel free to call people while driving and don’t use any of that new Blue Tooth technology. Try to race with other cars on the roads with a gentle conversation with the other drivers. The less hands you have on your steering wheel, the closer you are at driving dangerously. Be adventurous, by driving with different parts of your body.

Step 6

If you’re a girl then certainly do your all hair styling and makeup in the car while driving. Put on lipstick, brush your hair and drive fast with your legs or knees. Looking at the makeup mirror in your hand is most suggested than the rearview mirror of your car.

eating while driving

Things you will need
Makeup kit

Probably, if you are a born adventurer then you can try what Mr. Bean does when he gets late.


—If you follow any of these tips, you are really a big idiot.

—These are things you should not do.

—Be under the influence of driving

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