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Piezoelectric roads convert traffic energy into electricity

October 21, 2009 in Green cars by admin

Piezoelectric road converts traffic energy

Piezoelectric roads converts traffic energy

Converting mechanical stress into eletricity wouldnt be new to hear as we all know the mechanism is called piezoeletriciy. With new inventions, keeping in mind our future needs, energy conversions have proved a big way to supply and distribute energy.

Contribute energy in future with piezoeletric concept

Contribute energy in future with piezoeletric concept

Israeli engineers are about to begin testing a 100 meter stretch of roadway embedded with a network of Piezo Electric Generators (IPEG�). The piezoelectric effect converts mechanical strain into electrical current or voltage and the system is expected to scale up to 400 kilowatts from a 1-kilometre stretch of dual carriageway.
Initially though, the system can be configured to generate and store energy from roads, airport runways and rail systems at the same time as delivering real-time data on the weight, frequency and spacing between passing vehicles

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Ozone Concept Car

October 19, 2009 in Green cars, Strange Cars by admin

Ozone Concept Car

Emissions from the Car is the serious issue contributing to all environment deteriorating factor in the world. Transportation alone contributes around 33% of US Greenhouse gas emission.

The option to save our environment most likely would be the use hydrogen fueled cars. As fuel cells turn hydrogen into electricity, they completely do away with the use of fossil fuels in powering cars and are unbelievably efficient as well as clean and safe. And one such latest and most avant-garde concept is the Ozone car. This car seems to come from Toyland.

The whole structure is enclosed between two giant wheels that are controlled by two separate electric motor powered by fuel cells.
It features only two seats, you can drive this car with a joystick panel in the dash. The semi-transparent glass in front offers great interior volume and exterior view.

You can get in and out of this styled car which may be a 23rd century car via huge glass doors that slide 360 degree into its symmetric metal body. It looks like a fun ride from the future themed park!

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The European Mobility Week – Go green

October 14, 2009 in Green cars, Men and cars by admin

Go green for a week, The European mobility week started in 2002, and now celebrating its 8th year of success. Initially it was called

“In town without my car”

In town with my car

Margot Wallstr�m the former European Commissioner for Environment� established the “Car Free Day”, to bring awareness among people on the amount of pollution caused by the pollutants emitted by Vehicles. Gives an opportunity to the participating cities how matters related to environment concern them.� For one day Europeans can present their city by organizing events or actions that contribute nil / low motorized traffic in specific areas.

“A small initiative for the changing world by not using your cars is actually fun”


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