Ferrari planning six new models in next three years

April 23, 2010 in Auto News, Ferrari by admin

Ferrari is going to launch three new model cars by next three years which includes new Enzo and a hardcore version of the 458.

The plans are part of a restructuring instigated by Fiat, and will see a new, range-topping version of the 612 Scaglietti join the Ferrari line-up next year.
According to Autocar, an open-top 458 will also arrive in 2011, followed by the god-like Enzo’s replacement in 2012. A 599 GTB has also been confirmed for 2012, with a Californuia facelift and a 458 Scuderia coming later in 2013.
Other than confirming their schedule Ferrari did not release any further details of the new models. It is not even certain that the hardcore 458 will take the Scuderia name used by its predecessor, although this does seems likely.
However, despite this flood of new models from the Italian manufacturer the announcement confirmed that Ferrari will not make more than four production cars at the same time – the 458 and 599 supercars, and the 612 and California cruisers. The Enzo is, quite rightly, considered to be a special case and is not included in these plans and will be made as a ‘halo’ model.