Is off-brand Gas bad for your car?

August 13, 2015 in Diesel Cars

Are you confused whether to pump off-brand gas or premium gas in your fuel tank? If so, then you can set free, as the results is that they almost mirror one another, according to ABC NEWS. He added there may be a slight variation, but gasoline is gasoline, generic gas will not harm your car engines.

Some people still believe that regular gasoline is of lesser quality, but it’s not true. Both are same with premium gasoline having additive cleaning. For example, two pitchers of water that is exactly same. The Only difference is one has the powered lemonade and other with freshly squeezed lemonade in it. One is going to taste refreshing than the other, but both are lemonades. These two will likely quench your thirst.


Mainly, all gas starts out the same but, depending on the company extra additives and chemicals are added to it. But it does not prove that Premium gasolines are more effective than regular gas. Even ‘off-brand fuel’ has to undergo legal procedures for ethanol, RVP, octane and much more. Most of the cases regular gasoline is supplied by major oil companies and not by their name.

Expert says to consult, owner’s manual of what fuel they need. If they want premium gas go for it, but if you want regular gas with no extras then there is no reason to worry.

The other option to choose between off brand and regular gas is engine lasting. If you want the engine to last longer then go for premium gas as it has additive cleaning, which will make your engine life go longer. If you are not worried for engine lasting, then off brand gas is the best option. It will also cost you less than premium gas.


If you think regular gas is bad for your car, then it is wrong because it is told by AAA Experts that it is not bad and will not harm any car. So you can go for regular gas that will cost you less and make your car long lasting without harming.

Thus, despite of whatever gas you pump, it has no effect. It all depends on owner what they want. Selecting regular gas is cost effective. Price may differ from station to station based on their business practices. Only difference between two is if you choose premium gas you are paying extra for additive cleanings and not for regular gas.