Electric off Road Vehicles – the Smartest Way to Save Money

June 19, 2013 in Electric cars, New Cars

Electric off road vehicles is becoming popular nowadays. They are not only eco friendly but are a smart way to save money. Indian as well as international companies host some stylish energy efficient electric off road vehicles.

Let alone electric off road vehicles, even electric cars were considered an impractical option a decade or two ago. The recent popularity, thanks to the developments in science, is a very welcoming sign heralding an era of eco-friendly electric off road vehicles. India too is taking small strides towards a robust market of off road electric vehicles.

Electric off road vehicles have many advantages. They produce very less noise when compared to its counterparts. They also do not require much time to build up speed. Also, they are low on maintenance. The most obvious advantage however is that you do not have to shell out any money to fill your fuel tanks. They are energy efficient and using them is a smart way to save money. In addition to all this, using electric off road vehicles provide you a sense of satisfaction in being an eco sensitive person.

Also, the battery life is the most important factor when it comes to Electric Vehicles. Lithium ion batteries are the present favourite among manufactures. These batteries take more time for self discharge, are low on maintenance and are safe to use. Thus most of the electric off road vehicles are fitted with these batteries.

However, electric off road vehicles weigh slightly higher than its counterparts due to the batteries. In addition, it would take about eight hours – ten hours (depending upon the charging method) to charge the battery completely. Nevertheless, the myriad advantages it provides surely outnumber its disadvantages. The safety concerns are however similar in both the vehicles.

Electric off road vehicles are presently being designed for military purpose too. The quiet engine is a big gain for military uses. Moreover, due to the hundred percent torque availability right from starting the engine, they are very advantageous when it comes to off road activities such as mud bogging and rock crawling.

In India, off road vehicles are slowly becoming popular among riders. International brands are being drawn to this upcoming market. Electric off road vehicles too are available in India. It is just a matter of time for these electric off road vehicles to conquer the market given the advantages they come with.