Strangest Concept Cars

January 27, 2011 in Strange Cars by admin

There is no shortage of creativity in the world of electric vehicle designs and it is well proven by these unbelievably innovative examples of forward-thinking automobiles.
The A360 Concept car looks like a crossbreed between a UFO and some stealth fighter jet. It’s triangular body has a panoramic glass roof and there is the camera system on the exteriors that provides the driver with additional feedback. The car moves on three spheres, not wheels, which actually makes some sense considering that it is capable of moving in any direction on the ground.
2.Airflow by Pierre Sabas
This electric concept car features an exterior made of glass and ultra-lightweight materials. The glass wraps around the car “like fabric”, to allow occupants a 360-degree view of the outside world.
3. Magnet Car:
The Magnet Car was designed as a solution to the challenge of finding more fuel efficient methods of transport. This car uses magnets the same polarity as the road, which effectively ‘lifts’ the car off the road makes it lighter by 50%.
4.Peugeot Egochine
This car is built to carry a person very self-centered. It is conceived with a hydrogen fuel cell in the fuselage mounted ahead of the rear-seated driver and powering a pair of electric motors turning to the front. It takes inspiration from the fabulously-bodied Isotta-Faschini’s, Gillette Fusion Power razor and other coach-built classics.
5.Hyperion Concept Car
The Hyperion Concept Car is powered by lithium ion batteries made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, for safety without the weight. Exceedingly futuristic-looking, the lightweight body of the Hyperion allows the electric engines to propel the vehicle up to 200 km/hour.
6.Peugeot Moovie Concept Car
Peugeot Moovie car features two huge hub-less side-wheels which are used for both driving and steering. Each wheel is independently driven by an electric motor, allowing the Moovie to rotate on its own axis and squeeze into the tightest parking spots. To increase stability, the two side-wheels are tilted inwards under a ten degree angle.
7.Honda Fuya-Jo
Honda Fuya-Jo car is designed to allow the occupants to stand and dance their way from venue to venue. The interior has a distinct dance club theme, with a dashboard designed to resemble a DJ’s mixing desk (circa 1998) and the steering wheel shaped accordingly as a turntable. Not surprisingly, the sound system incorporated into the Fuya Jo was powerful and the car was designed to test the youth market’s ideas on what they wanted from the automotive industry.