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Important car maintenance tips before road trip

May 14, 2016 in Car Maintenance, New Cars by admin

Summer is the time, when everyone plans to take off from their regular work and wish to spend some time with their near and dear. Spotting the number of vehicles on the roads is more on summer compared to other seasons as it is the appropriate time to go on a vacation that weeds away your stress, agony and loneliness. When you think of road travel, the very first means of transport that hits your mind is the car. Nothing beats the excitement of the car travel that if all goes well as planned but if it is not up to snuff then you might experience the worst situation of standing alone or with your family on the side of a deserted road and trying to flag down the cars that will not even come nearby. Here are the few important car maintenance tips that help you end up with a pleasant road trip.

Engine oil is the key:

Engine oil is the key

Just like humans the cars also need the help of fluids to function properly. If the level of engine oil is too high or too low than the recommended level, your car is surely under risk. So checking it frequently makes your road trip smooth and hassle free. For inspecting the oil level, the car must be parked on a level ground. Once you park, wait for sometime so that the engine gets cooled, when it reaches normal temperature insert the dip stick into the dip tube and pull it out, check the level, if it is between high and low, then your car is perfect to head. It is always wise to wipe the dip stick with rag before inserting it into the dip tube, for clear readings.

Keep an eye on overflow tank:

Overflow tank is a semi white transparent container that bears two markings as “high” and “low” at exterior whereas the interior is loaded with coolant or anti-freeze. It is should be noted that the coolant maintains a level, between these two markings. If it is low, fill it with recommended type of coolant by mixing it with water. The radiator cap above the tank should not be opened unless there is a need, to avoid leaks that might cause serious issues.Keep an eye on overflow tank


Check the hoses and belts:

Hoses and belts are like arteries that take blood to the heart and it should be properly checked and ensured that there are no loose connections and each is connected to its destined location only. This way you can reduce the possibilities of your car getting a break down.Check the hoses and belts


Spent some time for wheels and tires:

Rotating (swapping the front and back tires) the car wheels for every 8000 km, keeps your car wheels in good condition as doing so even out the wear. It is ideal to check the tire pressure once in a week since imbalance in the pressure might affect fuel economy and your driving comfort. Dusting off the wheels is also quite important before you start your ride as the brake dust composing road grim and moisture would get stuffed on your wheels troubling your happy drive.Spent some time for wheels and tyress


Cleanup the batteries:

Most of the modern cars run in 12 volts negative battery and cleaning the caps of this battery makes it to appreciate an easy flow of power around the electrical system. Removing the terminal caps and cleaning the contact post gets you a clean metal contact surface that favors unlimited current supply.Cleanup the batteries


A travel in a perfectly maintained car is the most excited thing in the world that everyone would love to do and enjoying it safely wearing seat belts gives a protected comfort that heightens the joy of your trip.

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Top 10 sports cars in India

May 2, 2016 in Sports car by admin

Presently millions of people including middle class people own various luxury cars in India and use it lavishly for many purposes. But before India’s Independence only few vintage and foreign made small cars were occupying many arterial roads of urban India. These types of cars were owned only by British Viceroys and Officers who were holding very high post. Even, rich and affluent class of people like business entrepreneurs and industrialists whose income was above average were using these types of rich. People who were living in villages, towns and tribal areas of India were economically very poor and used to walk miles together for accomplishing their daily task. Even owning two-wheelers and three-wheelers was big challenge to them. Post Independence very first car named the Hindustan 10 was launched by Hindustan Motors Group after 1949 which was headed by MM Birla with much fanfare. After that production of Ambassador Car started in 1958. Slowly series of Ambassador Cars were occupying both urban and village roads. During the year 1982 Maruti Motors started producing various cars after signing a joint venture agreement with Japan’s Suzuki Motor Cars. From this point onward numerous Car manufacturing companies started manufacturing several models like small, medium and large sized Cars which became international hit. Anxiety of purchasing latest model luxury and sports cars were seen among the rich, middle and lower income group of people. This never ending fierce battle between the competitors and buyers resulted in manufacturing of ordinary cars and luxury sports model car. Generally youngsters are very crazy in purchasing top model sports Cars due to the influence of external factors like conversation about sports cars with the friends, watching advertisements, watching formula one car race events in the television, website research and other such factors. It is imperative to note that even ordinary people who come under middle income bracket show interest in purchasing sports cars that have modern features.

Driving sports car is always interesting and that too learning something about the top 10 sports car in India is something very interesting.The sports cars generally differ in many aspects compared to ordinary cars that are sold on several retail outlets. Sports cars have a very powerful horse power compared to other cars.

There are several sports cars in India and this topic will deal with the sports cars that take first 10 positions.

The cars that tops the chart are


Lamborghini Aventador


Audi R8 V10 Plus

Audi R8 V10 Plus


Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar F Type

Lamborghini Gallardo

Lamborghini Gallardo

Porsche Cayman S

Porsche Cayman S

News Porsche 911 Turbo

News Porsche 911 Turbo

BMW i8

BMW i8

Lamborghini Huracan

Lamborghini Huracan

Jaguar F-type coupe

Jaguar F type coupe

Jaguar XFR-S

Jaguar XFR S

These most popular sports cars are selling like hot cake since they are priced between 2 to 5 crores. The speeds reaches 0-100 kmph within few seconds and these cars have extraordinary engine. These world class sports cars also have several smart cylinders that improve the pulling capacity. The drivers and passengers traveling in these cars will feel like flying in the thin air. These cars are the most searched cars on various websites.

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Top 5 Of The Most Unique Types of Cars Ever Made

April 12, 2016 in Classic cars, New Cars by admin

Top 5 Of The Most Unique Types of Cars Ever Made!
There has always been a fierce competition among the automotive giants to create unique vehicles which can change things from ordinary to extraordinary. The history of car designs is full of such attempts and those who dared have brought the hybrid car concept into action. The lucrative part is that no Government has forced any limitation on the development of such outstanding vehicles that goes in the favor of automakers. It really pushes their limits to design something that can truly inspire everyone.

Check out below the strange car concepts that are dreamed by every man. The list below has got 1947 Norman Timbs Special to ultra-modern Porsche 918 Hybrid supercar and you won’t resist yourself falling in love with these stunning cars.

  1. 1947 Norman Timbs Special:

With the marvelous design and curves, there is hardly a match to this beauty on the road. It was one of a kind when it was first produced in 1947 and consists of a front-mounted cockpit and elegant raindrop tail. It is built by Timbs, an Indy racing engineer, who lets this flawless beauty equipped with the Buick Straight 8 engine at the rear end of the chassis. Many have fallen in love with this beauty.

1947- Norman -Timbs -Special

  1. 1936 Stout Scarab:

This brilliant piece of design was created by Designer William Stout, an exemplary aircraft engineer who lately turned to automobiles. He had mastery in integrating luxury and leisure into transportation and with the design of Stout Scarab, he tried to put this concept into action. It’s a beautiful road-going diner car with the aluminium body and costing more than $90,000 today. Only 10 pieces were produced at that time.


  1. 1955 Chrysler (Ghia) Streamline X “Gilda”:

This unique model has got its name from a famous movie Rita Hayworth which was released in 1946. It’s an engineering exemplary piece with the 1.5-litre jet turbine engine that is especially developed for touring purposes. Its design is influenced by Chrysler turbine cars and produced by Italian car manufacturing firm Gilda in 1955.


  1. Porsche 918 Spyder Concept Car:

The Spyder Concept Car developed by Porsche was unveiled for the first time at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. This concept car is the basis for the current hybrid supercar by the Porsche on the road today. Its concept came into existence after the evolution of the Carrera GT with rear and front axles producing 218 horsepower. It is a beauty with a thrilling speed.


  1. 2001 BMW GINA Light Visionary Model:

This Light Visionary Model concept has got chunky body parts. It is invented by the famous Chris Bangle who is the BMW design director. With his core automotive knowledge, he developed this model with the hard geometry that is worth the appreciation. The car’s exteriors are smartly covered with the polyurethane-coated spandex that has the sense to shift with the vehicle’s aerodynamic needs at times.2001-bmw


And the list goes on. These unique cars have every reason to fall in love with. For years, these have been pampered like a queen and have inspired car fans with their elegant looks and smooth curves. This is the place where striking with your unique car is something that happens every other day as we keep coming with the latest information from the car industry. Stay tuned to the news for a tempting experience.


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