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Have You Seen the World’s Longest Car??

August 10, 2009 in Strange Cars by admin


The 26-wheeled limousine is about 30.5 Meters or 100 Feet long and was mainly used in films and exhibitions.It is better equipped than many Hollywood mansions, including luxuries like a swimming pool with a diving board, a king sized bed and a satellite dish, just to name a few.


Could you guess what the pump read after the fill-up??

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The Diamond Car

August 8, 2009 in Strange Cars by admin

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal of Saudi Arabia is fond of having expensive cars and had 37 cars with a majority of Mercedes Benz. After 37th, he wanted something special for 38th. So, prince decided to have Mercedes Benz with diamonds encrusted all over the car. He got a diamond Mercedes car, at a price of $4.8 Million. The diamond was also encrusted in the tailpipe, door handles, logo and wheel rims. If any person who has a wish to touch the car, then they have a option to pay $1000 instead.


If you are lucky to buy this car anytime in your life time then please don’t ever try to ride it unless you don’t mind people running behind and scrapping off diamonds.

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