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Men – worst car drivers?

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CONFIRMING what women have suspected all along, men have admitted to being the worst drivers.

Men were more likely than women to admit to:

FAILING to stop at a pedestrian crossing.

NOT giving way at roundabouts.

USING the car horn unnecessarily.

CHANGING lanes without indicating.

FAILING to check blind spot before changing lanes.

BEING involved in a road rage incident.

EXCEEDING the speed limit.

It is� surveyed that 52% of women get annoyed with the reckless driving of men who are simply blind sometimes while driving!!







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Zero Pollution Motors MDI Air Car

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zero pollution air car

This car is a hybrid which operates on compressed air alone under 35 mph, and uses gasoline to compress more air above 35 mph.

The company claims their air car is “the world�s cleanest car” with “half the CO2 per mile as�a Toyota Prius” at speeds over 35 mph.� However, both of these claims are based on just the gasoline emissions and ignore the emissions associated with compressing the air in the first place.

Over those 848 miles, it’s also accountable for the 22 kWh of energy required replacing the compressed air.�So how much CO2 is associated with that energy?� Well, of course�it depends where you get it from.

According to the EPA, the average CO2 emissions from power production in the US are 1.363 lbs/kWh. So on average, you’re creating 30 lbs of CO2 emissions over those 848 miles, or a further 0.035 lbs/mile for a total of 0.176 lbs/mile of CO2.� This is almost half the CO2 emissions associated with a Toyota Prius.

If the compressed air is powered by a more environmentally friendly energy source, it will produce even lower emissions.� For example, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)�in California produces 0.52 lbs CO2 per kWh, which would bring the ZPM down to 0.155 lbs/mile of CO2.

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Worlds cutest cars

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                              small cute cars

Ah ha!! This looks nice and don’t wonder if some one says that its a Police Car because we say it is…… Imagine how it would be to use this car in Hollywood movies?� That would perhaps end up with a comedy movie.


                                         cute small cars – orange wheels

Have you ever wondered how the frogs leap? Well that’s too biological..Just have a look on the red Car above which is designed keeping in mind that frogs should not be neglected,� ready to take a flight.

But, does it really jump?


                              cute small cars white horse

This Car looks like a white chicken or to be more specific like an egg, trying to show its transparency.


                                          small cute cars green glasses

It seems as if some one got crazy about coloring their hair green. They call themselves natures friends. But we really cant make any guess when it turns to blue!

This car was released by the Tokyo motor Corp, on the occasion of auto show� on Oct. 27, 2007

The Tokyo auto show featured the cute cars among which the above one is a specially designed space aged car which is indeed cute and fantastic. People are still crazy on making cars, those can never ever go out of thoughts if by mistake seen…

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