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Mercedes Blue-Zero E-Cell

August 20, 2009 in Auto News, Green cars by admin

Stylish, compact and elegant

Trendy back view

Trendy back view

�During the Detroit auto show 2009, Mercedes introduced another planet friendly car called blue-zero e-cell car. It measures just 4.22 meters in length and combines the compact exterior dimensions with a generously propotioned, variable interior and luggage compartment.

Its not the prettiest car ever but will contribute less to the pollution which is the need of this era. With the full tank of gas and fully charged lithium batteries,�it will go 373 miles before stopping.

The Power Of Three-all unique

Based on a single vehicle architecture, this intelligent, modular concept allows three models with different drive configurations, all of which meets the customer requirements in terms of sustainable mobility.

-the Blue-Zero E-Cell with Battery-electric drive and a range of upto 200 kilometres using electric drive alone.

-the Blue-Zero F-Cell (fuel) with a range of�over 400 kilometres using electric drive.

-the Blue-Zero E-Cell PLUS with electric drive and additional internal combustion engine as the power generator.

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Men – worst car drivers?

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CONFIRMING what women have suspected all along, men have admitted to being the worst drivers.

Men were more likely than women to admit to:

FAILING to stop at a pedestrian crossing.

NOT giving way at roundabouts.

USING the car horn unnecessarily.

CHANGING lanes without indicating.

FAILING to check blind spot before changing lanes.

BEING involved in a road rage incident.

EXCEEDING the speed limit.

It is� surveyed that 52% of women get annoyed with the reckless driving of men who are simply blind sometimes while driving!!







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Zero Pollution Motors MDI Air Car

August 14, 2009 in Green cars by admin

zero pollution air car

This car is a hybrid which operates on compressed air alone under 35 mph, and uses gasoline to compress more air above 35 mph.

The company claims their air car is “the world�s cleanest car” with “half the CO2 per mile as�a Toyota Prius” at speeds over 35 mph.� However, both of these claims are based on just the gasoline emissions and ignore the emissions associated with compressing the air in the first place.

Over those 848 miles, it’s also accountable for the 22 kWh of energy required replacing the compressed air.�So how much CO2 is associated with that energy?� Well, of course�it depends where you get it from.

According to the EPA, the average CO2 emissions from power production in the US are 1.363 lbs/kWh. So on average, you’re creating 30 lbs of CO2 emissions over those 848 miles, or a further 0.035 lbs/mile for a total of 0.176 lbs/mile of CO2.� This is almost half the CO2 emissions associated with a Toyota Prius.

If the compressed air is powered by a more environmentally friendly energy source, it will produce even lower emissions.� For example, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)�in California produces 0.52 lbs CO2 per kWh, which would bring the ZPM down to 0.155 lbs/mile of CO2.

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