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Childhood memories and all that fun is what we all miss today. Each and everything about it makes us drive back to those good old days where everything seemed so beautiful and perfect. This post will definitely take all of us back!! Though there are a number of cars available in different designs and colors in the present which we all get to see every day, the ones listed below are those cars which will definitely bring back those good old happy days of life when even we had desires to own such cars of our own and when we never stopped admiring and dreaming about them, building fantasies and imaginary castles of our own in the air!!!

  1. Noddy’s Car:

    Yes, we all know about that colorful, adorable car in yellow and red which never failed to mesmerize us by its simply amazing speed and magical powers. That same car on which everyone lay their eyes as Noddy drives it and is always ready to be stolen by the two goblins of toy town- Sly and Gobbo.

    NODDY'S magical car

    Noddy’s Car

    Well, that is Noddy’s car. This car is not only a car but also an aeroplane. Amazing isn’t it? That is the speciality of this car. It can not only be driven on the land but also flown around the skies as the car can transform itself into a flying machine all on its own magically. The car has some special magical powers which can sense the presence of its owner and make out the difference between the thieves. It can always understand whatever Noddy says and in return of an answer it lets out beep tones. Beep –beep-beep!!

  2. Mr. Bean’s Car:

    We all have seen a lot of different types of cars. Some of them look plain and simple, some look gorgeous, some have that captivating effect, some are stylish and classy.This green car which Mr. Bean drives has kept us thinking all the time, what makes him love it so much?

    mr. bean's car

    Mr. Bean’s Car

    The only two things he can never stay without is his teddy and this car. Both in animated series and in the original series, this car is seen with the same features and no modifications.  The car was originally a 1976 British Leyland Mini 1000, which has been seen in the series. Each and every episode of the series revolves around Mr. Bean and his car with a lot of adventures attached to it.

  3. Bob’s Car- Splasher:

    Bob the builder, can we fix it? Yes, we can!
    Remember, those good old days with Bob and Wendy , fixing things? Lovely I must say! The cartoon series had just one car named Splasher, whereas others were only trucks and construction vehicles.

    super splasher

    Super Splasher

    Splasher is an amphibious roofless car as it is driven both on the land and on the water which is of yellow and blue color and works at Bobland Bay. Since we all know that everything at Bobland Bay can talk, so does Splasher. It is a male car that anyone would prefer when they shall need a water ride or a ride home. He is better known as super splasher because of his ability of being anywhere at any time pleases the people of Bobland Bay and also because he loves being called in that way!

  4. Lightning Mc Queen:

    This super speeding  male car with a hot-red colored body with those sparkling tyres featured in Disney’s animated Pixar film- “CARS” and its sequels is a racer at the Piston Cup and also at the World Grand Pix. With Just a Little Rust-eze, you can look like Lightning McQueen!!!

    lightning mcqueen

    Lightning McQueen

    Well, Lightning McQueen is also known as ‘Stickers’ for a nickname! He is a very self-obsessed, selfish, over-confident car which never stops boasting about himself with a lot of pride and attitude. The car was named after Pixar Animator Glenn McQueen, who died in 2002 whose design was inspired by a stock car and “a more curvaceous Le Mans endurance racer, which resembles Lightning McQueen of “Cars” and thus the idea originated.

  5. Susie-the little blue coupé:

    This animated short film though released a long time back in those olden days even before we all were born, is sure to be known through those colorful story books which we must have definitely read as it is all about the magic that Disney’s production creates!

    susie the little blue coupe

    Susie -The Little Blue Coupe

    Susie is a tiny little blue colored shiny car who is of a happy-going nature. Her life takes on good turns when she is brought by a great owner who pampers her a lot, but surviving in a place where there are luxurious cars becomes difficult for her and then she is sold to another person who doesn’t pamper her much and thus she ends up being in a junkyard all alone where a good-natured human picks her up and with a few touches here and there she is transformed into that charming and happy Susie again.

  6. Speed racer- Mach 5:

    This animated series features the racing car- Mach 5 owned by the speed racer. The car was designed and built by pop racer (speed racer’s father).In the original 1967 series, the Mach Five is a white racing car with an “M” written on its hood which stands for “Mifune”- surname of speed racer’s dad.

    mach five

    Speed Racer’s Mach Five

    The car is specially designed with various control buttons for different activities and operations. It consists of different operating tools such as the bullet-proof polymer deflector, tire shields, homing robot, tire crampon grips, zircon tipped cutter blades, hexodyne emergency spare tires, all together loaded in this one super fast amazing car- Mach 5.

  7. Bumble Bee from Transformers:

    Car or an Autobot? Or should I say both? Of course, it’s a car, it’s an Autobot, it’s a Camaro, a General Motors’ Chevrolet Camaro. This Camaro will again transform into the gutsy black and yellow Autobot hero named Bumblebee in the latest Transformers film.

    bumble bee

    Bumble Bee

    The machine-like huge body is well-transformed into a car for a proper adaptation. The transformation is mainly because to fit into the earthly environment in order to accomplish the mission. Bumblebee is probably the most famous of the Transformers. Today, Bumblebee is known for his stylish Chevrolet Camaro form. However, Bumblebee orginally turned into a much more modest Volkswagen Beetle.

  8. Batmobile from Batman:

    If you have read those batman comicsor watched any of those batman animated series or movies, you must definitely be knowing about that fictional car which batman used every time when he was in action.



    The Batmobile is designed to look like that car which is armored with equipments and accessories which resemble the costume of the batman and batman himself. Some of the features of the batmobile includes smoke and oil dispensers, wheel slasher hubs, missile rack, ejection seats, titanium alloy wheels and body panels, reversible jet exhausts and other shield platings. However, the Batmobile was the first one to be styled extremely and was originally a one-of-a-kind concept car, specifically a 1955 Lincoln Futura.

  9. KITT from Knight Rider:

    Remember that Knight Industries Two Thousand from the Knight rider? In short, KITT!! Yes, that same old car which can speak!!! Basically it is an advanced supercomputer on wheels with the ability to think, learn, communicate and interact with humans.

    KITT from knight rider

    KITT from Knight Rider

    It is highly a robotic automobile which is an artificially intelligent,  self-aware and an indestructible car. Michael Knight is a high-tech modern crime fighter who is assisted by this car. The KITT is powered by the Knight Industries turbojet with modified afterburners and a computer controlled 8-speed turbo drive transmission. The original KITT was a 1982 Pontiac Trans Am and the second one was a 2008 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR.

  10. Tarzan-The Wonder Car:

    The only Indian film featured car which we all would never forget would be the one and only Tarzan-the Wonder Car.
    That dazzling , gorgeous looking hot car colored in purple, designed by the male lead –Vatsal Sheth in the movie is named

    tarzan-the wonder car

    Tarzan-The Wonder Car

    Tarzan in remembrance of his dad, a car designer who had hung a small Tarzan in the underside of the ceiling of the car earlier when the car was a simple looking one. Things take twists and turns when the car is haunted by the spirit of his father who strives to achieve against all odds and  is successful in killing those who mercilessly killed him. The car was originally a modified version of Toyota MR2.

  11. The DeLorean DMC-12 from Back to the Future:

    This car, simply called as the DeLorean was featured as the modified time machine in the movie-“Back to the Future” using which one can travel back in time along with the car.
    The actual car features gull-wing doors and an innovative fiberglass body structure with a steel backbone chassis,



    along with external brushed stainless steel body panels. The movie starred the DeLorean time machine which is a fictional automobile-based time travel. In the film series, Dr. Emmett Brown builds a time machine based on a DeLorean DMC-12 car, to gain insights into history and the future. Instead, he ends up using it to travel over 130 years of Hill Valley history (from 1885 to 2015) with Marty McFly to change the past for the better and to undo the negative effects of time travel.

  12. Mr. Weasley’s Ford Anglia from Harry Potter:

    This car portrayed in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was originally a light-blue and white Ford Anglia 105E, built in Ford’s factory in the United Kingdom.
    Talking about that car which mysteriously vanished from the film studio of Harry Potter

    ford-anglia from harry potter

    Ford Anglia from Harry Potter

    was the Flying Ford Anglia as named in the movie was an ordinary Muggle car with its interior magically designed by Arthur Weasley. The car was blessed with magical properties one can only dream of, including the ability to fly, to become invisible, and to run without ever running out of fuel.  Ron, Fred and George use the car to fly to Little Whinging to rescue Harry from the Dursleys and drive back to Hogwarts. Well, a drive in this car must be a dream for everyone as it can fly high in the skies as we can see in the picture clearly.