2014 First Volkswagen XL1 – Spy Shots and Production Mule Photos

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There might be a new champion of fuel mileage cruise into town. Captured, while undergoing a series of tests, the Volkswagen XL1 is an aerodynamic Coupe that is presumably capable of integrating 235-mpg in a mix of city and highway driving. This type of economy is enough to make even a hybrid green-themed, such as the Toyota Prius, look like a real hog fuel in comparison. Set to arrive next year, probably as a 2014 model, the XL1 is delivering on the promise of ten years of VW to bring ultra fuel-efficient motoring to the masses.


Upcoming Volkswagen Car

10 years ago

He returned in 2002 when Volkswagen revealed the first concept vehicle by 1 litre. The car was extremely close and characterized by a bubble canopy with side zipper that opened to reveal a tandem seat layout. The name boast powerful of this concept, that could travel 100 kilometres on just one litre of fuel – or the equivalent of 235 mpg. Basically, it was all supposed to be a car show: outrageous in terms of design and layout and totally impractical for everyday use. VW refined concept in 2009, although the final result (called L1) kept the seats in tandem canopy and unworkable.


Stylish 2014 Volkswagen XL1

Judging by this prototype, it appears grey VW has taken a new approach. The car should wear the name XL1 when goes on sale, now features a side-by-side seating for two people on board, along with a pair of gullwing doors. The redesign was probably needed to get this car green-lit for production.


Volkswagen XL1 Production Mule

Major MPGs

As we have already pointed out – and VW happily will remind you – the XL1 has been engineered to return 235 mpg. A low curb weight and slippery aerodynamics are going to be extremely important, even if we have no reason to doubt that the Teardrop shape of this prototype can keep promise a VW drag coefficient of 0.186. For comparison, the plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt, one of the most aerodynamic cars currently for sale, has a Cd of 0.28.


2014 Volkswagen Production Gallery

Look closely and you’ll notice the narrow rear track, especially as wheel XL1 sit towards the inside of the body. Expect the production model feature full wheel covers, to help clean up the aerodynamics. A curb weight of lbs. 1,749 was made possible by the use of lightweight materials, most likely copious aluminum and carbon fiber. Only 23.2% of XL1 will be out of steel or iron.


Special Racing 2014 Volkswagen XL1

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