Is the New Car Smell an Irritant to you?

February 24, 2010 in Green cars by admin


A new car certainly smells great! But have you ever thought as a consumer like what is responsible for such enchanting perfume in new cars? It�s the materials which it uses like-plastics, leathers, fabrics � that release their molecules into the cabin environment.

Nowhere on a car (in its user�s manual or online) do carmakers list the substances circulating inside the cabin. There are also few government standards controlling their airborne concentrations, even though a number have been linked to health risks ranging from allergies to cancer.

Our car manufacturers use thousand of substances to make out a perfect car, where bromines and antimony are used as flame retardants, chlorine and lead are used to make PVC plastic; and phthalates are used to soften it.

Bromines are a cause of fear which are found in everyday products. The results of which include permanent learning and memory impairment, behavioral changes and cancer. You can find an increasing amount of bromine in children�s car seats and toys which is a matter of concern.

Play it safe:

One obvious thing that goes hand in hand is avoid heat and ultraviolet light from entering your car(as though you can at least minimize the amount), as both can cause materials to break down into molecules that may even catalyze creating new compounds. You can always take care when parking your cars, park them in share, roll down windows and if possible use reflective sun shades.

Keep your car neat and free from dust, which is the source of chemical interaction, thus keeping the surface of objects that attracts dust much and the surroundings can be a good idea.

Its the responsibility of car makers to make cars with products that do no react so harmfully that it may be a threat to the owner of the car in future.

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