Mercedes-Benz to present Two latest Hybrids at Detroit Auto Show

December 26, 2011 in Detroit-motor-show by admin

Well, looks like Volkswagen won’t be the only carmaker introduction a new multiple automobile at next month’s Detroit Auto Show.

Mercedes-Benz unveiled a couple of multiple E-Class sedans in Malaysia, the first with an energy V-6 website and the second with a turbocharged diesel-powered four. The E 400 Hybrid will arrive at U.S. sellers next season as a 2013 design. It’s the first E-Class hybrid; so far, Mercedes-Benz has provided only the S 400 Hybrid automobile and the now-defunct ML 450 Hybrid sport utility vehicle. Like the multiple S 400, the E 400 Hybrid uses 1 generator unit between a 302-horsepower, 3.5-liter V-6 website and a altered edition of the organization’s normal seven-speed automated indication.

But the motor in the hybrid E-Class is more highly effective than the previously designs, offering high energy of 20 kilowatts (27 hp) and a significant twisting of 184 pound-feet. The organization says the E 400’s 0-to-60-mph speed time is 6.7 mere a few moments, with top rate restricted to 130 mph. The organization’s first diesel-electric car, the E 300 Bluetec Hybrid, was previewed as extensive ago as the Geneva Motor Present in Goal 2010. At that factor, its generator unit result was only given as 15 kilowatts. The car we’ll see next 30 days uses a 201-hp, 2.1-liter turbo diesel engine(smaller than the Geneva car 2.2-liter) which makes 369 pound-feet of twisting and is installed to the same 20-kw generator unit and altered seven-speed automated as the energy multiple E 400. For the diesel-powered multiple, 0-to-62-mph speed is offered at 7.5 mere a few moments, and top rate is (curiously) greater than the energy multiple, at 150 mph.

The E 400 Hybrid has “27 mpg” proven on its home, likely its EPA freeway report. (The bigger, heavy 2012 S 400 Hybrid is ranked at 19 mpg town, 25 mpg freeway, for a mixed 21-mpg report.) As for the E 300 Bluetec diesel-powered multiple, the magic size diesel-powered multiple design from 2010 was said to obtain 57.4 mpg on the Western routine (which dividends statistics 20 to 30 % greater than U.S. EPA usage figures). Both E-Class multiple designs use a 0.8-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion energy supply in the footwear. Under light loads and at rates of speed less than 35 mph, Mercedes-Benz statements that each car can move itself electric for less than 1 kilometer.

Other fuel-efficiency variations involve a “sailing mode” that decouples the website from the gear box to energy the car electric at rates of speed up to 100 mph, low-rolling level of resistance wheels, sleek variations, and of course the restorative healing stopping and start-stop functions of all complete compounds. Both E-Class hybrids will be legally released in Detroit, though only the energy E 400 hybrid has been verified to go available in the U.S. Keep an eye on these websites for all our 2012 Detroit Automatic Present protection. As we depend down the times and months major up to the display, more vehicles, principles, and other new things are sure to appear.