August 6, 2011 in Honda, Luxurious cars by admin


The ZDX is a ‘mid-size luxury crossover’ four-door vehicle with a coupe-like profile like the Mercedes-Benz CLS and Volkswagen Passat CC. It is developed by Honda to upmarket its brand Accura and designed in Torrance(Accura’s Studio). The ZDX also has SUV elements like the BMW X6, together with all-wheel drive and a tailgate design with folding rear seats for greater adaptability and cargo capacity. Rear door handles are concealed to enhance the coupe-like styling, and the ZDX has both a panoramic glass roof and hatchback for an airy interior feel. Acura assures sporty handling and performance for the V6-powered ZDX, along with a host of electronic and luxury features.


Jeff Conract Conrad, Acura’s VP of sales quotes “The Acura ZDX takes the best attributes of a stylish coupe, a versatile sedan and a flexible SUV – and successfully blends them into a head-turning vehicle for active and adventurous individuals to explore their passions.”

Acura ZDX