How to qualify your car for winter Driving

October 22, 2015 in Car Maintenance by admin

Winterizing your car is a wise idea, as it will protect it from the cold and breakdowns during severe weather. If precautions are not taken, then it can result in a life threatening situation or unusual demand on its parts and equipment can rise. In this article, we’ll tell you a few ways so that, from using right tires to emergency gear are being stranded in a perfect manner.

1. Get your car inspected

It’s a wise idea to book your car into a garage before the winter weather gets worse, and have an inspection and replacement of any parts, if required. This will, hopefully, help in reducing the break down and risk at a later date.

qualify your car for winter driving

2. Look after your vehicle lights

Fog, dark evening and morning can make driving dangerous, if front or back lights are not working properly. Therefore, you make it sure that all your lights are clean and working in a proper manner. Otherwise, it might be a risk to your life, of not being seen by others on the road.

3. Inflate your tires

During winter, the risk of skidding is high as roads are lethal because of snow and heavy rain. Therefore, before driving you ensure that all tire pressure is correct and it must at least have 3mm tread depth. Instead, it will help in increasing fuel efficiency and lower petrol cost.

4. Inspect your battery

Throughout winter, the battery life of your car is at risk as it reduces to 50% or dies without notice. So, before winter sets in, make sure your battery is tested by mechanics and especially battery connection, if they are free from corrosion or not.

5. Inspect your car engine coolant

Engine coolant is designed in such way that, it prevents the car engine from overheating and corrosion. If you want your coolant to work properly, then ensure, it has a proper mixture of antifreeze and water.

6. Inspect car’s oil

The car’s oil should be according to the temperature. For instance, the oil must be thinner, less viscous, if temperature is below freezing.

7. Check your windshield wiper blades

It is very difficult to drive during cold weather and even worse if the windshield wiper blade is not working properly. So, make sure condition of wiper blades are proper and replace, if they are old.

4 ways for Emergency preparedness

qualify your car for winter driving

• Avoid driving during extreme cold and high winds. Before leaving from the starting point, tell your friend or a family member about your destination and approximation time it will take to reach.

• Car cover to be bright, neon color. If it is not available, then you can use vinyl, waterproof tape.

• Keep an emergency kit in your car. If emergency kit is not possible, then consider putting other items like:
i) Flashlight and batteries
ii) Candles. Lighter or matches
iii) Battery operated radio
iv) A bag of sand, when you get stuck.
v) A brush or ice scraper.
vi) A sleeping bag
vii) Food and water.
viii) A first aid kit and tool kit.

• Test your cell phone. Call an emergency number or the one who is aware of your destination. Do not get down from the car. Exit only to recover items from the trunk.

Be aware, that not all on the road will have a driving experience during severe weather. So, take time to plan on how to winterize your vehicle, which will keep you and your family safe.