Do your brakes need to be replaced or inspected?

October 16, 2015 in Car Maintenance by admin

Brake safety awareness, celebrated by car care council in august as to remind motorist that, routine brake inspection is pretty much important in order to make safer driving for you, your passengers and others on the road. Brake system, is the essential part without which you cannot slow down or stop a vehicle. This part is one of the features, which should always be in a top working condition. The Brake problem will start out a little, but can become bigger and costly, if eventually it is not replaced or inspected by auto service professionals. The car care council has indicated seven signs to look out for, if your brake system requires inspection or need to be replaced.

1. If you hear the brakes squeak, then it means there is some problem with them. The grinding noise is also a sign of inspection, as it indicates that pedals have begun to wear or already worn out. In such cases, either it needs adjusting or to be replaced.

2. If vehicle pulls to one side or other while applying brakes is an indication of poor brakes. The reason behind this could either be a brake fluid leak or they are worn out. Whatever the situation is, unexpectedly, it can prove to be hazardous when you drive.

3. Low pedals, responds once it touches the floor.

4. Hard pedals, opposite of low pedal that needs extreme pressure to press onto before it reacts. This means that air has gone into the brake line. An issue with brake pedal typically means an issue with brake system.

5. Brakes respond quickly at the slightest touch to the pedal is also a sign of inspection.


6. Brake pedal vibrating or pulsing even during normal break condition is an indication of wear.

7. Brake light illuminated on your vehicle’s dashboard.

Regular Maintenance is Important

For the person who drives regularly through heavy traffic, the brakes are vital to keep from wear out. In many situations, it happens like you are on the brakes more than the gas pedal. If that is the case, then it will be smart enough if you get your brakes checked by auto service professionals once. The heavier you are on the brakes, faster they will wear out and damage other parts that could be costly or dangerous to fix.

Fix an issue before it is worse

The Brake is a normal wear item on any vehicle and it will naturally wear down depending on various situations, including vehicle type, quality of a lining material, driving habits and operating condition. If they are worn down beyond a level, then it might damage other parts surrounding the brakes. Not only rotors are expensive to replace after worn, but also not safe for you and your family members who are in the vehicle.

For owners maintaining vehicle’s brakes is a very big task for them. But keeping brakes in a good condition can reduce cost and more importantly, help you avoid collisions.

The Car care council offer free personalized schedule and email reminder service that lets driver take informed decision of when their vehicle has to go for inspection and possibly replace brakes based on the vehicle condition. It is an easy-to-use resource designed to help you drive smart and save money.