White Color Has Its Own Place In Its Red Carpet

March 1, 2016 in Auto News by admin

Choosing your car color is like getting brand for your car, although its one’s personal preference, but mostly people are drawn into a white brand lane.White color car has its prominent place in red carpet of car colors, not only for its outlook it has many advantages to go with it.

1. Keeps your car cool

During summer it protects you like a tree shade, at maximum it keeps your car cool it absorbs sunlight better than any shades can so white cars are more common in southern states like Florida and the Middle East, says Joe Wiesenfelder, executive editor of Cars.com.


2.Safe Driving

As safety is the primary objective for ourselves,its great to inform you that white color safeguards you at the most than any other shades can do.
Black cars have a 12% higher crash risk relative to white cars in daylight, followed by gray (11% higher), silver (10%) and blue and red (7%), according to a 2007 study of two decades and more than 850,000 car accidents by Monash University Accident Research Center in Victoria, Australia.
At dawn and dusk, black vehicles were found to have a 47% higher crash risk than white (silver was 15% higher and gray was 27% higher).


3.Slight gender differences in relation to color

Each one likes differs a lot between one another ,it is easier to differentiate in terms of gender.
Men have a 7% stronger preference for white cars than women, according to an analysis of 30 million used-car listings by dealing site iSeeCars.com.
Women tend to prefer less flashy colors: They’re 9% more likely to choose silver or brown models, while men are 12% more likely to go for cars in red and orange,But white and black are the most popular among used cars listings: 15% are white versus 17% black — and white is the most popular for pick-up trucks.


4.White always tops among others

In 2011, white was once again the most popular color in North America, making up 23 percent.

Rank Color % of Segment
White 23%
Black 18%
Silver 16%
Gray 13%
Red 10%
Blue 9%
Brown/Beige 5%
Yellow/Gold 3%
Green 2%
Other 1%

5.Maintenance is easy

White color makes you not to worry much about its outlook, it remains perfect even on windy dusty days so it doesn’t require much of a cleaning, and Maintenance is easy on white color and sprays can would help for many DIY activities scratches on paint don’t prominent on white color as compared to darker ones.


6.Higher residual values

Not only gives you a brand look, it also waves you a greater resale value,just like black and silver, and higher than other outlandish colors. White is a sought-after color on the used market. As it is being already described, it holds its brand, you don’t always have to pay extra for it – lots of manufacturers offer white as a no-cost option.