Tata Showed Pixel Car wows Auto Expo visitors

January 6, 2012 in Auto News, Offbeat News by admin

Tata showed Pixel city car concept at auto expo Delhi and is definitely the star in the flag of Tata.

Pixel’s dad, with ‘ turn ‘ Zero Unit and an innovative system for diamond door, is a new city car concept for Europe to Tata Motors.


Using Tata Nano Pixels – just over three meters in length – the most effective package of four-seater. In the world. Convenient for managing four wards differs from typical city car which is a two-seat, or one can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children.
The Tata pixel is manoeuvre and Park in the infinitely variable transmission (IVT) allows closest space zero-turn-toroidal traction drive.


This system is very efficient, effective help to the rotation of the rear wheels out to the front and rear wheels inward retreat during low-speed maneuvers, while the front wheels turn in acute corners.
The result is a turning circle radius of just 2.6 yards. The glass on the doors offer excellent visibility scissor, even in the most extreme manoeuvre of turning.


“Make My Tata connection” allows seamless integration of Smartphone or tablet with infotainment system of the vehicle of the user and also allows control of the main features of the car. This provides a custom, user friendly, all-in-one touch screen display, while also allowing the driver continue seamlessly with the outside world in much the same way as if they are connected at home or at Office, would listen to favorite songs, internet news and …


The front wheels turn the acute angle is highly efficient, cost-effective system that delivers external rotation of the wheel on the back of the rear wheel and internal low-speed man oeuvres, assists during backward. The result of only 2.6 meters turning circle radius. The Scissor doors glass area provides excellent visibility even in the most extreme turning man oeuvre.


In addition to serving as the emergence of infotainment when connected to the “average” PC tablet allows for temperature, ventilation and air-conditioning settings to accommodate the touch screen and display information about the performance of vehicle.
Optimized aerodynamic drag, low rolling resistance tires, a stop start technology and intelligent battery charging Tata pixel returns the European combined cycle (NEDC) fuel with a 3.4 l/100 km and CO2 emissions are just 89 g/km.


In addition to an entertaining image when docked in the toolbar, the tablet also allows temperature, ventilation and air conditioning parameters can be configured via its touch screen, as well as displaying information on the performance of vehicle.
1.2 three-cylinder turbocharged diesel litrotrong engine positioned behind the pixel Tata. Gives an energetic performance.